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  1. Bricks2000

    Fabuland MOC: Ricky Raccoon's Hot Rod

    That's very nice, Rick! A charming and well-detailed creation.
  2. Bricks2000

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I think we saw that already.
  3. Bricks2000

    Eddie Izzard: Evil Giraffe

    So, that's where all my time went. Now give it back! Oh, and hilarious video, Fallentomato.
  4. Bricks2000

    MOC: Steampunk Monorail

    A fantastic creation, Hinckley! I like the look of it. Let's hope "The Book of the Ancients" get finished soon.
  5. Bricks2000


    Welcome aboard. To have a profile picture and signature, you have to make ten good posts.
  6. Bricks2000

    Megafactories LEGO

    The episode have been mentioned before on Eurobricks a while ago. Try to look in the General Discussion forum. EDIT: Ah, found it: Clickity-click
  7. Bricks2000


    What is a Hero canister? It's the packaging of Hero sets.
  8. Bricks2000

    Matorans of Mahri Nui

    Very nice and good looking, Exxtrooper. I saw them on Flickr a few months ago. Oh, and of your Matoran is Makuta-infected. The other three should watch out!
  9. Actually, I went back to the first post and Lalror did wrote that sentence. I don't know why Legoaddict1000 would put a quote box, but did not write anything.
  10. Bricks2000

    "X" Marks the Spot! [MOC]

    Fantastic creation, Rook! Makes me go
  11. Bricks2000

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Well, why don't you ask them? They're having a break after days of dancing, now that Quarryman has his game set up.
  12. Bricks2000


    Absolutely fantastic! A jaw dropping job there.
  13. Bricks2000

    More exclusive set info

    Finally! That VW van looks fantastic, so is the post office.
  14. Fantastic review, Pandora! You've managed to convince Me to get myself a Fabuland SigFig, which arrived in the mail two days ago. And even if I don't own the set, I do own one of the figs (Chester Chimp).
  15. Bricks2000

    MOC: Riding the Waves

    Amazing work, Klementina! Well done!