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  1. Ninja8

    Flickr Find: Under Water March

    Love the water with the skeletons coming out A+++++
  2. Ninja8

    Fire Pumper MOC

    Looks sweet
  3. Ninja8

    [MOC] Fire Utility Van no. 2

    Awesome! like the back
  4. Ninja8

    What to add to my city?

    Hello, I'm on a quest to build a completely custom city...and I need ideas from YOU. I have the following things already built Ems Police Trains but could add more Trash Truck Fire ‚ÄčIf you have any ideas please leave them below. Thanks mocpages link http://www.mocpages....home.php/122166
  5. Ninja8

    6 wide Swat Truck or 8 wide?

    The biggest part is 12 and I'm going to use custom roads. And I might make it slimer because it is huge.
  6. Ninja8

    6 wide Swat Truck or 8 wide?

    There is my final truck.
  7. Ninja8

    6 wide Swat Truck or 8 wide?

    Well one of my biggest questions with it being 8 wide was the windshield. Do you have any ideas on what windscreen to use?
  8. Hello, I'm on a quest to make a full custom city. So as you probably know all cities need a police force and mine will include a few swat trucks. The truck is a pit bull vx and I was wondering if it should be 8 or 6 studs wide? If you want to see a pit bull here is a link to a picture and also could you give some tips? Please and thank you ahead of time
  9. Ninja8

    MOC - friendly Ferrari Italia Spyder

    Do you have a LXF file for this? It looks really great and I would love to build it someday.