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  1. ok now; after weeks flied past, I've been able to install and sort my huge table, got LEGO's sorted, installed PC and speakers... now time to build as long as my baby allows me to :D I've been going through ingmar's (2legoornot2lego) and designer han's trailers and I've come up with this info further reading on http://designer-han.nl/lego/index.htm ... extremely hard for me to understand.. also, I don't have the required electronics. I have a couple of ideas lined up so we'll see what I can come up with.
  2. this is excellent. now only if I can find a way to implement this to a lowboy.. actually I'm now building the AROCS from scratch to understand the flashlight steering mechanism and robustness, but I dont think I can work it out that way. the trailer consists of 3 parts; deck, back with wheels and gooseneck. I can say it's now %15 done. the deck is almost done.
  3. I dont think a linkage would work for trailer steering... actually my mind cannot comprehend a way to work that out.. I think I'm going to cancel steering on trailer.. but help on pendulum suspension would really be appreciated..
  4. cemus

    White is the New Red

    that mustang and 458.. masterpiece, man!
  5. dear jaaptechnic; I'm really flattered by your response. the idea of building a trailer is inspired by your and designer-han's excellent trailer sets. especially yours look effing brilliant! it'll be a only 3 axle trailer, so I got the exact steering idea from the 42009 mobile crane mk II set.. I don't know how it works yet so, I'll adjust the steering angles accordingly.. I'm thinking maybe a system with the outer teeth of the 60-tooth turntable would work wonders for the rear steering.. when it turns with the correct level of gearing, rear wheels would turn. thanks for the ideas, really appreciated!
  6. dear alasdair; thanks for the welcome. I'm planning to use only one IR receiver so, a solution that steers itself depending on the position of the fifth wheel will be a killer for me. if not possible, then I'll be using the second IR receiver with the servo. but this will upset my Volvo A25F truck :)) or I'll buy an IR receiver with the addition of an XL motor because I feel that in a truck that big, one XL just wont do the job.
  7. thanks for the replies. this is as far as I could get. the front axle had angled steering but somehow I messed it with the LDD so I couldnt show it to you.. the problem is that, I'm planning to control the truck remotely, so two things: 1- how do I make the trailer wheels turn, when I turn the truck's wheels? 2- how do I apply an ackerman geometry steering, by using that 13 studs steering arm :D? I think I'll go on with the Sariel's 13 studded ackerman steering model for that one.. servo motor doesn't work really well with it, but I'll find a way. this is as far as things gone.. it'll be a lowboy trailer if I can sort things out.. that 2 red 3x5 L shaped liftarms show where the trailer starts and ends, it'll be something like 120 studs long. I already have 8258 but I think I wont be bothered to modify it for remote controlling that thing, I'll either use the AROCS I have, or I'll build a whole new truck for it. and while we're on it, pendulum suspension for 3 axles.. what am I gonna need for it?
  8. guys, hello. I'm an AFOL, I own sets since 1992, had a break for a couple of years and then since 2010 my lego technic enthusiasm just grows bigger and bigger.. my biggest passion is heavy haulage, with all due respect to Jaap, 2legoornot2lego and other honorable members that created the great heavy haulage models over the years. I've been trying to build a truck and a trailer; with 60 studs in length, 19 studs width and 23 studs height for the truck and, 120 studs length, 19 studs in width and 11-13 studs in height for the trailer.. basically, I'm trying to build something like 8258, with a trailer that can safely carry my 8043/Volvo 42030 Loader.. this has been a two year project for me, but you know how time consuming is the work, wife and kids... also, I had some serious problems with the trailer stability, like bending issues with the load.. now I'm over them.. now I have two problems.. I have no knowledge of suspensions, pendulum would be nice for me but I don't think I have the parts required to build such a thing.. also, the reason this topic exists, steering of the wheels on the trailer.. you know some trailers have turning wheels for the sake of turning radius, and I know someone somehow implemented it to LEGO Technic via the position of turntable on the fifth wheel, god knows how. so any ideas would be appreciated.
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    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    man this is excellent..
  10. excellent build, man.. congratulations!
  11. cemus

    Flatbed Trailer

    also, make the deck 3 beams high and support it with 3x5 90 degree beams. this is essential for rigidity with heavy haulage.
  12. cemus

    [WIP] lowboy trailer

    this is a project ongoing for almost two years for me.. work, baby, life.. everything put me away from it.. I want to carry 8043 and Volvo with it, so structural rigidity is also a big problem for me, which I haven't been able to solve so far. anyway, I'm also on it.
  13. excellent. I hope you wouldn't mind me getting the robust chassis idea of yours for my trailer.