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  1. niknarjc

    Tools you use

    The proven method.
  2. niknarjc

    [WIP] Mitsubishi Eclipse (1999)

    good luck
  3. I've looked everywhere. even other rooms just in case the cats got it. The box was bit bit beat up from the store, last in stock I assume, but it wasn't opened. I didn't even look in the instructions, how many are used? I did see the set comes with two. Also interestingly the ID number in the instructions is not the same on the LEGO Bricks and Pieces website.
  4. I just bought the set and am in the process of putting it together. I realized I am missing the string with the plastic on the end. I have put in a request for a replacement part with LEGO. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. niknarjc

    Apollo 11 - Saturn V

    OMG, this is an amazing set. I would love to own this!
  6. Hey all just seeking some input. I have started disassembling some of my sets here and there to make modifications to them. Using the existing designs and functions to gather techniques for making my own MOCs. Redoing the suspensions, making lifting mechanisms, and changing the steering. I have toyed with the Lego Digital Designer but have not ever completed a design. What are some of the methods y'all use to create your MOCs? Do you just build and the final product develops itself, or do you work out all the details before the build starts?
  7. Great job, you had some impressive attention to detail.
  8. niknarjc

    [TC5] Ornithopter

    Great movement of the wings!
  9. niknarjc

    [MOC] Lego Carrot Crawler

    Which sets do those wheels come in or at least what size are they?
  10. Thanks guys. I understand they are very different models and it is not an apples to apples comparison. I like the gearing in Technics to I think either one would be great just never had the opportunity to have hands on. I'm always looking for new parts and unique assembly methods. The closest thing to a crane I have is the 42006 Excavator, so they are somewhat foreign to me. I'm not a huge fan of trucks but I think the pneumatic arm in the 42043 would be a pretty big plus for it. I'll compare the reviews and see if I can come up with some straight comparisons between the two.
  11. Is there a comparison of the 42043 to the Crane Mk2 42009 any where? If not I would love to find out how you would compare these two massive sets. I have had my eye on the Mk2 crane for some time but now this set looks nice as well. At this time I can only afford one so I want to make sure I have all the info.
  12. niknarjc

    Hello from TX, Lego & Train lover

    Hello to a fellow Texan.
  13. niknarjc

    [MOC] Hummer H2

    Well done, looks good. IMO it looks better then the real truck. lol
  14. niknarjc


    great video, Nice MOC.