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  1. Of course I do. But the rules are in Russian :) I can upload the file so you can translate with google if you want. There are some base rules. But in practice every race organizer makes slight clarifications: allow or dissalow RC-tires usage, custom controllers etc.
  2. Hi! More then 15 models have participated in the LTT race in Moscow this September. Some of them were really cool! Video from the race (there is no sound, just turn on any melody you like :)
  3. Hello all! There was an outdoor truck trial challenge in Moscow a few weeks ago. Here are two videos. Enjoy :) video 1 video 2
  4. zver

    [APP] BrickController2

    I've updated the sbrick firmware and proportional acceleration works now. But there is a lack of calibration: a have max acceleration with 1/3 max angle of the controller stick.
  5. zver

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, imurvai! Thanks for a really useful app! I've tried it and it works fine but one thing. There is no proportional control. In other words I can't accelerate smoothly. Full power only. Is it a problem of a controller (I use the same one as you do)?
  6. zver

    4x4 crawler ''Spider''

    +1 for stearing mechanism! I'll study the ldd instruction:)
  7. The second version of my Easy rider trial truck. The suspension remains the same. RC4WD Mickey Thompson 1.55 BAJA mtz scale tires are used. The main feature in the truck is programmable differential. The truck is powered with two PF L motors. Each motor drives the wheels from on side of the truck. Programmable differential between right and left wheels is realized with custom remote control by DGI. Control features are used: 1. discrete acceleration and steering 2. while steering the inner wheels are being slowed down proportionally. More photos.
  8. zver

    [MOC] Fully automatic Clock

    Great work! I like the speed adjustment mechanism especially. Are you going to make the NTP synchronization? ;)
  9. zver

    Mad Rhino - Rally Car

    Here you can find a few photos of suspension.
  10. zver

    [TC7] Bandits - The Sandstormer

    Cool! Can't wait to see the video!
  11. When I've opened the topic I expected to see a dinosaur. The first suprise was to see the crane. The second suprise was to see it's transformation! I've never done any transformer on my own, but I've seen my friend's transformer made with Merkur metal parts - it is really hard task to construct. So congrats to you! Your model is cool!
  12. zver

    Mad Rhino - Rally Car

    The model is dismounted now, but I'll look if I have some other photos of suspension. Are you interested in front or rear suspension? Some time ago I've made a device for speed and acceleration measurement based on NXT ultrasonic sensor. I've measured the acceleration of the model with traditional electric scheme and with two battery boxes plugged in parallel. In the latter case the acceleration was around 30% greater.
  13. zver

    Mountain Rambler

    I like the way roof rack is done and fog lamps are fixed! I'll keep it in mind :)
  14. Here is a model I've build for "Mad Max style" lego rally challenge. The primary in the model is its rigidity and power. The exterior is secondary. To rise up a torque I've plugged the AA PF battery box (with over-current protection bypass) in parallel with RC receiver. The PF battery box is switched on with PF M-motor plugged to the third channel of RC receiver. As a result the model drives more steadily: .