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    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I've also been thinking of getting two sets for the Quidditch Pitch. I'm thinking of having six towers: (four being the Hogwarts houses and two being random color combos of my choice, probably black w/ gray and yellow w/blue). Once I get those, I need to figure out how to construct the rest of the arena. Also, I'm not much of a trains guy, but I do like the new Hogwarts Express. For someone not too into trains, would anyone recommend it?
  2. Just to clear up, are rubber bands/alternate ways to attach parts allowed for the Galidor Free-Build? Are non-set topics for the Galidor-free build allowed, such as vehicles or characters seen in the show? Also, is it possible that all three winners can be from only one category, or will there be three winners for each category?
  3. I can't seem to find the pictures. Can someone PM a link to me if possible?
  4. FordianL

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    This is the part that makes me doubt this rumor. The rumor stated that the summer set releases were cancelled. The case for Ultra Agents doesn't apply here. The statement that not one country will get the sets sounds like complete hogwash.
  5. FordianL

    Boneheads of Voodoo Island

    I love these so much. Even though I'm back in school now, they make me want to break out the parts bins and start building! The parts I love are just the body types. They're so fitting, and the use of Mixel joints is superb. I think the most impressive thing here, to me, is that Skull Spider! It's just so ingenious!
  6. FordianL

    Discussion: LEGO Bionicle Makuta Contest

    I'm a little confused as to why they decided not to include an optional video. You would think that they would have expected action features that require a video for demonstration (for example, my model has three different action features in just the torso construction).
  7. FordianL

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Today is a loss for all that is good and decent. I hope all the elitist AFOLs and geewunners are happy with this. I just... I can't believe this...
  8. Just... watch them and see... It's best not to know exactly about the ending before you see it for yourself.
  9. FordianL

    Discussion: LEGO Bionicle Makuta Contest

    I've already got something planned. I've already built up the torso, which includes three different functions alone. The only real trouble points I'm facing are the legs and head placement, but I'm sure I can work out those kinks.
  10. Here's what appears to be the entire first chapter of Escape from the Underworld, the third Bionicle G2 chapter book. That said, potential spoilers ahead!
  11. I got to read the first chapter of Escape from the Underworld as part of an iBooks preview. The preview included a full list of chapters for the book, which I've taken a screenshot of.
  12. I chose option 1. From the responses I've seen in this thread, I'd like to bring up something I've seen not only here, but in other parts of the community as well. When I say I love G2 as a whole, I mean as a whole. This includes the sets, animations, artwork, and the most underrated materials, the chapter books and graphic novels. I constantly tell people to who say the story is too simple based on the animations to read these materials, as they give them a little bit of what they want: world building, characters that feel real and believable, suspense, etc. At the very least, I get those from the books, but the feelings may vary from one person to another. I just wish that I could talk more about the story itself. I constantly see people complain that "there isn't enough material" or "this/that one-second thing in the animation is stupid in my eyes" rather than actually talking about the story and its events. The books give a proper wrap to the 2015 story with Revenge of the Skull Spiders and explore past stories in further detail in Battle of the Mask Makers. It really stinks that no one talks about any of the story material from the books and instead choose to focus only on the downsides of the theme as a whole, as the books are G2's best hope at roping people into its world. Tl;dr: I love G2 and think that people should read all of the books before complaining about how a simplistic story is, supposedly, a bad thing.
  13. Ever since I read Bionicle: Revenge of the Skull Spiders, I've wanted to see someone make the ancient Protectors that Ekimu mentioned at the end of the book (oops... spoilers?). When no representation came, I decided to make my own interpretations of these characters paired with a tale told by Ekimu himself! Today, I woke up after a 1,000 year long slumber to see the six heroes from my vision: the Toa. While they still have much to learn about who they are and what they must do, I am confident that they will be ready for what is to come. Shortly after reclaiming the City of the Mask Makers, I met the island’s current Protectors. At first I mistook them for the Protectors that came before them; I must admit, I am surprised that they still pass down the same mask with each generation. I assume that in mine and Makuta’s absence there have not been many attempts to forge new masks for the villagers, or the Protectors for that matter. The Protectors of my time wore the same masks as the Protectors do now, but I can still remember what they were like. After the festivities, I took the time to tell them of the six heroic forces I once knew. I called the story: The Protectors of Old I began with their leader: Udapo, the Protector of Ice. He was a true warrior, and held honor in a very high regard, but never higher than his teammates. His tools of choice were a shield and a greatsword. Some told stories of the sword having magical powers, or that he used the sword to cast magic, for he always won a battle while using the blade. He was a close friend of mine, and we often consulted on the future. MOC notes: Udapo is cool. I love the way his "covered in fur" look came out, and I really liked using that giant paw w/claws for his right arm. Next, I focused on Owa, the Protector of Water. A champion of the game Hammer Flush, Owa retired to take on the title of Protector. He was revered by many as one the greatest Hammer Flush players who ever lived, as he conquered many feats to even be alive in those days. He was a good sportsman, but had the heart of a warrior. He used his Champion’s Hammer adorned with his tribal carvings and stylizations, as well as fins to increase his speed in the water. MOC notes: Owa was a tricky experiment, as I had to rework the gearbox to allow not only the main function, but also the fins and storage for the hammer. The orange really works with the different blues (thanks Gali!) and the fins on the feet can be taken off and attached to the hammer's open blue pegs. I then told of Epolim, the Protector of Earth, who is to this day the biggest Okotan villager I have ever seen. She was a miner who took on the title of Protector when a cave in killed the Protector who came before her. She was in the same cave in and tried to help the Protector, but failed to do so in time. When he died, Epolim made a mission of her life to become stronger. This included a lot of bulking up, and Makuta and I would constantly have to make new and larger armor for her whenever she got bigger. She used the same drill she used in her mining days, as well as two shoulder-mounted rapid shooters given to her by one of her teammates, but I will cover more on that later. MOC notes: Epolim is HUGE! She is by far the most complex MOC I have ever built, working in many small Technic connections to make the shaping work and to provide stability. This project was a learning experience, and Epolim is where I learned the most. I employed connections that I had never even thought of before using parts that I had never used in the ways I used them here. Epolim is probably my favorite of these Protectors; she was such a joy to construct. I also included her previous forms and a comparison between them. I just realized that I forgot to take pictures of the back. The back is covered by the Technic plates from Onua 2016's new drill hammer, leaving only the knob for the gear function in her left arm exposed. Then there was Kerato, the Protector of Stone. He, too, was a champion of Hammer Flush, and chose to retire for a life as a carver. With his tribal Champion’s Hammer and saw shield, I saw him create works of art and ward of the greatest of foes. He was a skilled warrior, as well, and I do wonder what became of him when the shockwave my brother created shook the island so many years ago… MOC notes: Kerato is yet another retired Hammer Flush champion. I really like how his left arm came out with the Skrall armor leading into the rock detailing. Agarak, the Protector of Jungle, was always a bit of a wild card. His intentions for being a Protector were never entirely clear. While he did have a desire to protect his people, he always wanted to be rewarded and praised for his deeds. He and Udapo were always at each others’ throats over his need for praise, especially for the fact that he was a younger retiree of Hammer Flush than Owa and Kerato. As such, he wielded a tribal Champion’s Hammer and an arm-mounted crossbow with extra bolts on a belt around his torso. I remember seeing him in the arena, using the crossbow to stun his opponents and using the time to sprint to the goal. Whether it was allowed or truly foul play, in the end he used his skills acquired from the arena to be a great Protector. MOC notes: Agarak was another challenge like Owa: messing with the gearbox. I wanted to add the tail from day one, and I managed to do so while also keeping the gear function intact. I also really like the arm-mounted stud-shooting crossbow, as well as the chain used as an ammo belt. Last but certainly not least, I told of Mamuk, the Protector of Fire. Forgive me if I have too much to say about her, but I must confess that I saw much of myself in her. She was a young inventor, even creating the prototypes of the modern day elemental shooter. This is where Epolim got her twin rapid shooters. She was only a youth when her father, the former Protector of Fire, passed away, passing his mask on to his daughter. Udapo, Epolim, and I took it upon ourselves to train her to become a fierce warrior, and she indeed became a fierce warrior. I watched Mamuk mature to become a powerful woman, both as a warrior and an inventor. She never stopped trying new things, not even after she put one of those elemental shooters on her chest. She was also a great leader, a trait that I am sure helped her and the people of Okoto in the days following the shockwave. After telling the story of her to the current group of Protectors, Narmoto told me that Udapo had given Mamuk his greatsword when he was killed in a battle with the Skull Spiders, and that the sword has been passed down through the generations. Ever since I had met her, I knew she would make a great leader, as I stated before. Of the six I listed here, I believe I will miss her the most. She would have made a great Mask Maker. MOC notes: Mamuk is probably my second favorite of these Protectors. The two body types she has (younger and older) are very expressive. I learned a lot about body types with this character and how they can be used to show emotion, especially with how Wonder Woman-esque the final form is. I loved working on these. They were a lot of fun to create, allowed me to learn more about MOC potential with parts I never even thought of using in a Binnacle character, and made me appreciate the CCBS more than I ever did before. Which one is your favorite? Criticism is appreciated. Thanks for viewing!
  14. FordianL

    [MOC] The Protectors of Old

    Gotta get those gains.
  15. 1) TFA C-3PO (Polybag) 2) Battle damaged Darth Vader (7672 Rogue Shadow) 3) Asajj Ventress (75087 Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter) 4) BB-8 5) R2-D2 (75038 Jedi Interceptor)
  16. FordianL

    Review 8317-1 Allegra and 8313 Nick Bluetooth Deluxe

    Turns out that I have every single figure in the line that was in the wide release. I bet you're all jealous! I already have some unreleased video reviews prepared for a few of these, Allegra included. She's just... awful... and it doesn't help that both of her arms are static AND a chunk of her head can be taken off.
  17. FordianL

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Does Evo in 2014 count? He did get three different mechs that year. If Evo counts, so does Rocka. And we got him two times in the same wave in 2011.
  18. FordianL

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Exactly what I was thinking! I noticed this year that people aimed to get the Toa only, but after that aimed to get all of the Protectors to complement their respective Toa. By introducing a set with both types in one, people may feel more inclined to get all of the sets to complement the Toa this time around.
  19. FordianL

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I agree with this. The structure is there, but a few parts molds and prints are such turnoffs.
  20. FordianL

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Use a hammer to hit a pillar and make it flush with the ground. Hence hammer flush.