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  1. 13 hours ago, Lord Sith Lego said:

    I really like those mismatched warriors. I tend to make my armies more uniform in looks so not very realistic.

    Thank you sir!

    10 hours ago, Leonardo da Bricki said:

    Very nice posing, the varied uniforms and equipment look great. Is the elk banner Lego or custom?

    I got it from Cape Madness at Brick Con  They have an absurd selection of fabric things!

    2 hours ago, Slegengr said:

    This is a nice army group, Nagol!

    The variation in colors, clothing, armor, and weaponry is very realistic!  I always like to see variation as opposed to uniform armies of "clones".

    Though I am not much a fan of customization (tending to be purist instead), your customization is well done and adds to the realism of the army. 

    Thanks, Slegengr!  I'm glad others like non-clone armies as well (although clone armies are fun to see)!

  2. The accuracy is suburb! The raising of the main-gate walls is a great addition, and so is the extended deeping wall (not to mention the whole inner keep remodel) Awesome.

    Is there opportunity to expand the deeping wall with more sections? That would be pretty cool, being able to make the MOD longer the more pieces you have :)

  3. I answered a Craigslist add on a vacation once, only to find out the guy was a hoarder. Not just "Oh, I have a few too many things and a messy house" kind of person. A full blown "I CAN'T SEE THE FLOOR OR WALLS!!!" house. Not fun. :tongue:

  4. Thank yourself too :sweet: Great topic though!

    Thanks to everyone who does everything. The people who post wonderful MOCs, the MODs who help and dispense justice, people who give away, people who run contests, people who trade... the list goes on and on!

  5. Nice! I only have gripes about the black clip used for the knee joint- it looks very out of place. :sceptic:

    I only had that color :tongue: Thanks!

    Did that blaster come with the utapao set or is it aftermarket?

    Its from Brick Arms, very good quality and detail :)

    Aftermarket. Lego does not make weaponry that detailed.

    If only Lego did though!

  6. I think the use of the flags are a perfect piece for the sides, I am not a big fan of the toes for the feet. Those are the toughest part to get right.

    Thanks a a lot!

    I feel the same about the feet. The "real" At-rt has three toes, so that's probably why it looks super weird, it's missing one! :tongue: No matter what I did, it either looked too big, or didn't work.