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    [Freebuild] Arrival and Departure at Shadowmere

    Spectacular! I love all the different colors of the foliage! All the different types of orcs, as well as all the other species are interesting (he, he love the drunk guy )! The gate and wall kind of remind me of the Morannon (Black Gate of Mordor), in a good way. I soooooo want to do some black builds, but don't have the pieces... my wallet is going to hate me... Great build, can't wait for more!
  2. Nagol of Fortfield

    Special collection up for potential sale

    That's fine! I hope you can find someone else who will buy this AWESOME collection!
  3. Nagol of Fortfield

    Special collection up for potential sale

    Would you be willing to sell some Uruks by themselves (I'm thinking about 10)?
  4. Nagol of Fortfield

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    ooo... looks great! I'd like to read more to!
  5. Nagol of Fortfield

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    It still looks cool. Everything doesn't have to be exactly politically correct!
  6. Nagol of Fortfield

    Exodus Part III

    Amazing! I love the minifigure posing and how the water looks real! he-he the legs sticking out of the water is awesome Also, Israel is smiling now, but give it a few weeks...
  7. Nagol of Fortfield

    New column design

    oooo...... I'll have to try this!
  8. Nagol of Fortfield

    Lego Minas Tirith

    Simply stunning! I love those battlements! Also, that's a lot of orcs, Gondorians and Rohirrim!
  9. Nagol of Fortfield

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Ok, finaly I got around to photographing my sig-fig. Here is Sir Nagol: Nagol of Fortfield by Nagol_of_Fortfield, on Flickr Born and raised in an ancient fortress in north-western Nocturnus, Nagol was trained as a knight by his father. Life was good being next in line to rule the fortress Fortfield, until the Mitgardian attack. For two weeks a Mitgardian clan besieged Fortfield, eventually breaking through it's thick walls. Everyone in Fortfield fled their own ways. Nagol, then 17, lost his family in the siege. For the next 6 years he traveled the land with a ranger of Fortfield. In that time he became very skilled with the bow and how to move silently, although he never forgot his original training with the sword and shield. After the ranger sacrificed himself in an orc raid to give Nagol a chance to escape, Nagol was left alone. He now explores the secrets of Nocturnus, hoping to one day re-capture Fortfield, so he can raise an army to aid Nocturnus; the best guild! Edit: I know he doesn't look Nocturnus-ey, but I have some black armor for him: Nagol VS Orc by Nagol_of_Fortfield, on Flickr Do you mean something like the tribes of Nocturnus challenge? I think that would be fun!
  10. Nagol of Fortfield

    [Moc] The Library

    Lovely! I like it how some books have fallen over, making the library seem unkempt. Also, the angle of the wood in between the second and first floors looks great!
  11. Nagol of Fortfield

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Well, personally, I'd like to kick some frozen behind!
  12. Nagol of Fortfield

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I'm basically clueless as well, but in section five on the first page of this thread it says that the Warlords community build is still open. Also, you can free build (, I think. PS, how do you do the hyperlink? The one above I copied and pasted.
  13. Nagol of Fortfield

    [MOC] Viking Longship

    Awesome ship! I love the custom sail and those oars. plus, Gandalf. Keep em' coming! Oh, also the figure head looks menacing, and the spiral tail is well built!
  14. Nagol of Fortfield

    [MOC] Akai Shiro Rises Again

    Those are some awesome Samurai! I also really love the wall. The castle (shiro?) to the right is quite something
  15. Nagol of Fortfield

    Castle MOC - The Davlan Holm Chronicles

    Awesome field! The rock-work looks cool to. So does the big tree. So does the house walls and roof. So do all the little details like the wheels, axe, bundles of wood, cat and dog, sword and shield, etc... Amazing! On the second (first built) moc, the green water turning into clear, is ingenious! the sloping rock-work is great, also the foliage! Keep it up!
  16. Nagol of Fortfield


    This is Nagol (my name backwards) from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. I love the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and anything medieval. As of yet, I haven't taken any pictures of my MOCs, but I soon will. I've been lurking reading Eurobricks for a few months now, and it seems like a great place! I look forward to getting involved in the Lego community!
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    Thank you for the welcome!
  18. Nagol of Fortfield

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Thank you for your answers! I'll soon get my sig-fig up! oooooohh.... that sounds ominous...
  19. Nagol of Fortfield


    Thanks you! Thanks!
  20. Nagol of Fortfield

    The Docks of Isil Oro

    Breathtaking! That water is perfect, it looks like it has a gentle breeze making waves. The black cone pieces for the roof of the tower is spectacular! The shields on the top of the wall are a great addition, as well as all of the house details! Keep it up!
  21. Nagol of Fortfield

    [MOC] The Lone Chieftain

    *excuse me while I get a cloth to wipe up my drool I love the tumbleweed! That SNOT landscape is stunning, as well as the footprints! Also, are the dark tan-ish weeds Lego? And what color is the cactus?
  22. Nagol of Fortfield

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Wow, those minifigures are pretty sweet! I've never seen anyone besides you create an army for the less-known Middle Earth factions. Very original idea! (PS, I'd like to see your "other armies'" )
  23. Nagol of Fortfield

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Greetings beings of Nocturnus! I would be honored to join the ranks of the creatures of the darklands, but first I have a question. Can I change my sig-fig's armor/weapons/helmet etc... after posting in this thread? If so, would I have to post my sig-fig again? Thanks!
  24. Nagol of Fortfield

    Castle-Moc "The Last Alliance"

    I'm loving that bridge, trees, water, figs and story! The rock work on the green dragon side isn't my cup of tea, but that's just what I think. Great Job, and keep it up!