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  1. Only one thing haunts me How to monitor the addition of new parts?Maybe i should create a list or something else
  2. Of course) all parts have connectivity) Yeah i think we need to add parts list
  3. Don't worry, I use only Ldraw parts)
  4. New parts - I'll take a look what i can do with images, thanks! Also update for today
  5. I'm a quick study. Also forgot those parts
  6. My small update for last 3 days
  7. Sorry for maybe spamming, but i can't stop
  8. Thank you for tutorial guys!!! The next question is: how to create decoration map for new parts (or simplier - two-colored parts like 35660)
  9. I'm already working on decorations for Ms. Marvel ))
  10. jester

    CMF Series 17 Rumors and Discussion

    I still hope to see basketball player because we already have soccer football hockey
  11. jester

    Ideas for CMFs

    I really love that design!
  12. Also if you have scanned stickers and can take a photo of minifigs and others prints so we can add it to official library you can contact me by pm here or on Mecabricks ( nickname Stas ) Have a good time)
  13. Yep, i don't have it on Steam yet too
  14. If i remember on 30 january must be an update for lego worlds
  15. Where did you get them?) and what about the back of sam wildon?
  16. I want to see double coloured legs and arms
  17. jester

    Decal Wish List

    I have them
  18. It's a very hard way to extract files Simply download quick bms and ttgames file for it Look http://aluigi.alterv...rg/quickbms.htm
  19. Does it work with nxg_texture or only tex files?