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  1. Check the previous page I gave the tutorial and video too
  2. How it can have 5 decorations faces, if i put only 2 - bottom and top Or you corrected the original parts? Are you able to open G files? How?
  3. Fixed and re-upload only xml files Also corrected and re-uploaded 30010 (xml) - there were connection problem - fixed
  4. I made a little tutorial, hope it help
  5. There are no any secrets) Just nobody asked it.... Here some steps: 1)I use G to OBJ converter (by @jamesster) 2) With blender import the part I need to color 3) Delete in the menu all materials 4) In edit mode separate the necessary faces 5) The faces, that should be colourable, I make textured 6) Export OBJ again 7) When simply with Brick Creator (by @polymaker) i make a new part (copy collision and connectivity to the new part) and replace the old one That's all. If you'd like, I can try to make the video of hole process to become more understandable. That's look fantastic! Can you share it? I'd like to try to work with outlines
  6. I don't think it's possible For 20603 - I don't know what's the problem Because I uploaded all files (20603.xml 20603.g 20603.g1 20603.g2)
  7. If you'd like, you can delete the old one (not colourable) i'll add some new parts
  8. Fuh ... Almost 3 hours of coding
  9. 36036 - i'll take a look For others - LDD has wrong numbers, check Brickset for this parts Upd. 36036 corrected and reloaded on drive (@Stephan)
  10. It's a a big procedure i'm thinking of making video of the process
  11. And how about Watermelon and Pizza ?)
  12. I still puzzle how to make two-color details and how to edit .G files Upd. After 3 hours, I DID IT!
  13. are you sure that you put all files correctly? try ti put 36036 again and restart ldd
  14. We're waiting for @Calabar answer, if we can make this topic -> key topic
  15. I find the coordinates in Blender Besides, the reason of adding new parts:
  16. Nope I manually write the code I corrected the part new one is on Google drive
  17. I'm working on System parts Technik is not my area :D
  18. Just need to figure out how to do multicolor parts)
  19. Thank you @Stephan ))) Also added: 35366 - Black Bar 2.25 x 5.25 Double Squares (BrickHeadz Glasses Square)
  20. You can find all of this here -
  21. it's in Russian) i'll make a translate)
  22. I'm all in attention) also we have Russian community can i duplicate information there?