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  1. I'll do it Unfortunately I can't find 41612 in ldraw library, so can't add it
  2. One more part for the next update)) And new decorations )
  3. I have some of them drawn for Mecabricks I'll add them to update
  4. I made helmet decorable and this uv map) and this decoration
  5. @BrokenEye you can use this uv map for the helmet
  6. @Stephan check Drive for new parts and decorations
  7. @Stephan check Drive for update
  8. If you look on the side, you'll see that 44358 doesn't attach because of the form
  9. oooups, i wanted to add 37341* Check drive
  10. No problem @Stephan please delete parts after you download it
  11. Hey guys! finally I'm back after 1 year working in COVID hospital Unfortunately I totally forgot how to add parts and decorations( Upd. Nope, I remember) But still have problems with creating collisions
  12. I'll do it right now) Upd. I can't add it right now I checked part from LDraw And the mesh is very raw
  13. Darkseid is on the way) Image.
  14. I started with updating bigfigs Bane has some outlines issues but I hope it will be corrected later Image.
  15. @SylvainLS thanks for the note! i'll correct it
  16. i don't think that's so necessary My decorations working fine without it
  17. I will take a look on your parts on this weekend Just don't have time for it now
  18. Working fine for me Wait for a big update @Stephan will prepare it very soon