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  1. The most annoying part (for me) updated too)
  2. New updated parts for you guys)
  3. Hey guys After Clone helmet I decided to update Star Wars parts (helmet and others) So this i got for last 3-4 days
  4. Small update for Star Wars fans
  5. Thanks ! I corrected circle only
  6. Create a folder on Drive and upload Ai files there I'll try to make decorations for LDD While I added some of your decorations and sent to @Stephan Also take uv map for 93057:
  7. Are you drawing without uv maps?
  8. Hello there Those custom parts are for Lego Digital Designer, not for Stud.Io
  9. a really BIG update is coming
  10. I'll check it! P.S. Done! By the way, thanks to games, we have new 3 parts)
  11. And I have one more to finish)
  12. Hello Everyone! I've updated ninjago movie parts and added decorations for them Unfortunately I didn't find the solution for black 25113 ( scar decal) All my attempts looked ugly Also added 3 new parts Enjoy!
  13. @UrSuS you are correct When you import Ldraw parts, you should scale them
  14. Hello After importing ldraw parts in blender, you should delete bevel modifier To rotate camera in BrickStudio, use wheel on your mouse
  15. So guys What do you think about custom parts?
  16. It's a folder for me and @Stephan for updates Also I updated Killer Croc body And one more question, how about custom minifig parts form videogames?