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  1. I started a bit late with collecting the minifigures so i am searching for: Series 1 - Series 12 + Team GB I am for Austria, but am willing to trade(or buy) worldwide. All figures that i have are packed in original polybag, which was opened only to identify the figure. Never built. What i have to offer is: Series 13: Sheriff 1x Snake Charmer 2x Goblin 1x Paleontologist 2x Series 14: Wolf Guy 2x Tiger Woman 1x Gargoyle 1x Zombie Businessman 1x Series 15: Wrestling Champion 2x Tribal Woman 1x The Simpsons 1: Lisa 1x The Simpsons 2: Homer 2x Lisa 2x Bart 3x Milhouse 1x Comic Book Guy 2x Martin Prince 1x Professor Fink 3x SElma 1x Patty 2x Willie 1x Edna 3x Smithers 1x Also some polybags like C3PO with red arms.
  2. jurcek

    Minifigure Background

    TinyBricks would you be so kind and share the backgrounds?
  3. jurcek

    LEGOLAND non-production parts

    you guys are really lucky to get such rare pieces...
  4. jurcek

    Scooby-Doo retirement?

    The sale is only in US...nothing happening in Europe.
  5. jurcek

    Batcave MOC

    I have to follow this topic as it looks really great and can hardly wait to see more...
  6. Is anybody making youtube videos of building the sets,..? Could you post your pictures of the setup? I was making some, but i am not satisfied with the quality. Mostly i would be interested at your lightning setup.
  7. jurcek

    Scooby-Doo retirement?

    Exactly....i would also like to see the Flinstones, but also hope the Scooby doo series continues...my son loves the cartoon.
  8. jurcek

    Batcave MOC

    wow...this is awesome....any plan to expand it further?
  9. i know all people in my local lego shop and i spend a lot of money there...but was never alowed to buy a sealed box.
  10. jurcek

    Minifigures Monsters Background

    would anybody be able to post all the backgrounds, logos,..for the series so far?
  11. jurcek

    Discussion: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    the new set will be a "California" Bug with a surf board
  12. Does anybody have the backgrounds, logos,.. from all the minifigure series till now? I found with the search only disney and monsters. the rest unfortunatelly not. Would be really happy if somebody could help me out with the rest.