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    MOC: A busy shipyard

    Thanks to everyone for the replies and comments. Well, that's what the buyer said... he seemed a little shady, but he did pay in cash so the shipyard master isn't asking too many questions. Skinning it should actually be quite simple. The main issue will just be with the slopes up near the gunwales. The ribs are all in the same plane and are locked to the same angle using pythagorean triples so I can just build long strakes the way I've done with the gunwales and fit them on. It will be somewhat piece-intensive, however :) I will try to post some pics of the bottom and internal structure to show how this works. This ship will have a LOT of room inside for lawfully purchased cargo. The real problem area is the bows due to the intense 3D-curvature and small cross-section which is why I've just used regular SNOT there. I'm going to fix the pictures as soon as I can upload re-sized versions. Flickr doesn't automatically create 800x600 versions, it seems. Thanks, cb4