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  1. bbqqq

    Floating Lego display !!

    Easy way to make floating Lego display. Lego + magnetic levitation platform(Delorean 21103).
  2. bbqqq

    Floating Lego display !!

    Good idea! It is strong enough as it can make ghosts fly a metal ring. I will try to use NXT or Lego Boost to program and make ghosts fly some bricks.
  3. bbqqq

    Floating Lego display !!

    The cheapest (under 1 USD) way to get one is search keyword "loop magic" in AliExpress, then sort by lowest price. There are many grade of the wire. Basically the more it is invisible, then less weight it can carry. But you can use more wire to hold more weight.  The wire setup, simply fixed by 1x2 tile and plate, then use Buzz's jetpack to hook the wire. ^ The reflection of the wire show up here from 00:48 second until the end of the video clip. v
  4. bbqqq

    Floating Lego display !!

    Ok, let's reveal this mystery. It's magician's invisible thread do the levitation magic. I borrow it from my son. He is an amateur magician. Of cause the invisible thread just almost invisible, but it is very difficult to be seen even with the naked eyes. The thread still show up at 00:48 seconds in my video. Can you find it? Please let me know. For example, the magic gimmick trailer below using the same kind of thread. I think it named "Turantula" to represent that the wire is as thin as spider silk. There is another similar magic gimmick named "spider pen pro".
  5. bbqqq

    Floating Lego display !!

    Maybe I should say "very difficult to hide", but space scene background always dark or black so it is easy to hide matted black fish wire. -Black wire will show up with bright background. -White wire will show up with dark background. -Transparent wire will reflect light and show up if move camera too much around it.
  6. The Ramakien is Thailand's national epic, derived from the Hindu epic Ramayana. Got this idea for a while as I make the below CG rendering in 2015. Now it become product. The quality is ok, but they will looks much better with chrome gold version (not warm gold). Partial chrome decal material test:
  7. bbqqq

    Floating Lego display !!

    Even the smallest fishing wire, it is impossible to hide or prevent it to be seen its reflection to lights. When --- using good camera / recording at Full HD 1080p / orbit camera panning multi angles / very close distance / pause and step play the video.
  8. Thank you very much. This MOD is not hard because the robot parts can self-balancing almost out of the box. I didn't post this in Ninjago forum because not sure the rule allow or not. Because the robot parts are non Lego.
  9. bbqqq

    Floating Lego display !!

    Look! A floating buzz lightyear! Got this idea in mind for years but too lazy. Finally try to make one today. This make Lego display looks more exciting. Let's guess how to do this RAW video Full HD 1080p no edit
  10. The robot parts are non-Lego. Using two motorcycle wheels side by side in the middle to make it look like one big monowheel as original design, but this make the balancing become more difficult. Hope you like it :)
  11. Great work! I suggest to exchange technic bricks with profile brick. Then look better and use less polygon ;)
  12. PC spec: Old i7_3630qm ram8GB latop + external GPU gtx 1060 6GB, all max setting ie: AF16x, AA8x supersample. 1. Best view with YouTube and set to 4K 2160p 60fps full screen: (4k monitor or TV) 2. Best view with YouTube and set to 4K 2160p 30fps full screen: (4k monitor or TV) Lego LDD + Mecabricks + in 4K 2160p 60fps max setting, LDD all 3000+ bricks in one palette 4k screen shots: Lego LDD + Mecabricks + in 4K 2160p 60fps max setting, LDD all 3000+ bricks in one paletteego LDD + Mecabricks + in 4K 2160p 60fps max setting, LDD all 3000+ bricks in one palette
  13. No battery require using Lego NXT as power gnerator. (Version 4)
  14. Version #3 YouTube video added at top of 1st post. This MOD is a clone brand V-22 Osprey + Lego technic parts. This V-22 Osprey come with very realistic and high efficiency propeller parts that I can not refuse. Because I like to make tons of wind powered MOC and MOD as you can find in my YouTube channel. My next project will be using these propeller to make a working Vintage toy: 1971's Mattel Vertibird Flying Helicopter toy. Thank you very much! Next time I will post Non-LEGO products here.