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  1. Please watch 32+ real brick build in-action videos and many more Unreal Engine 5 real-time software-raytracing videos at Please view these 3D stereoscopic images in horizontal full screen using VR box or 3D TV with 3D glasses or simply view on a smartphone using naked eye 3d parallel method. at 1 2 3 please supports (vote) 1 Double Looping Coaster 2 Triple Decker Six Flipper Pinball 3 Luxury Fishing Yacht 1 First ever and the only one equipped a teardrop loop, most realistic and most efficient 2 Best flipper mechanism and most realistic pinball machine 3 Introducing Naked-Eye YouTube 50+ Videos Playlist 1 2 3 Flickr album 100+ pics 1 2 3
  2. UE5 Lumen real-time software raytracing
  3. Thanks! and very good idea to replace the rifle model. I will also try to replace the bullet to 1x1 round tile and make the minifigures walk.
  4. Thank you! Maybe the toy gun war looks make it soft. This is a modification of the FPS game demo template. Just import the Lego model into it. UE5 supports obj and fbx format import which can be converted from LDD -> mecabricks -> Blender -> UE5.
  5. Thanks! Unreal engine 5 is the most powerful game engine and realtime rendering software. Just mid spec old CPU / GPU can do smooth software realtime ray tracing using the new Lumen global illumination and reflections system.
  6. Thanks! The unreal engine 5 is very powerful. Here is a new video.
  7. Unreal Engine 5 can import obj or fbx Lego model file. Lumen is Unreal Engine 5's new fully dynamic global illumination and reflections system that is designed for next-generation consoles. Lumen is the default global illumination and reflections system in Unreal Engine 5. It renders diffuse interreflection with infinite bounces and indirect specular reflections in large, detailed environments at scales ranging from millimeters to kilometers. Nanite is Unreal Engine 5's new virtualized geometry system which uses a new internal mesh format and rendering technology to render pixel scale detail and high object counts. It intelligently does work on only the detail that can be perceived and no more. Nanite's data format is also highly compressed, and supports fine-grained streaming with automatic level of detail. Benefits of Nanite Multiple orders of magnitude increase in geometry complexity, higher triangle and objects counts than has been possible before in real-time Frame budgets are no longer constrained by polycounts, draw calls, and mesh memory usage Now possible to directly import film-quality source arts, such as ZBrush sculpts and photogrammetry scans Use high-poly detailing rather than baking detail into normal map textures Level of Detail (LOD) is automatically handled and no longer requires manual setup for individual mesh's LODs Loss of quality is rare or non-existent, especially with LOD transitions Below are form Unreal Engine 4 '
  8. de_dust bombsite B, a small part of my Counter-Srike MOC built many years ago, comes to life in Unreal Engine 5. I will try to import the full map and make a mini game later.
  9. de_dust bombsite B, a small part of my Counter-Srike MOC built 10 years ago, comes to life in Unreal Engine 5. I will try to import the full map and make a mini game later.
  10. bbqqq

    Roller Coaster Thread

    Thank you so much for sharing my ideas project. Below are lastest 2 of 20 videos. (Short link for support this Lego ideas project) (YouTube 20 videos) (flickr 20 render images) There are five slow-mo shots at different angles start from the middle of this video! Added a small gimmick: The cars always hit and swing the vintage part of Finland flag 360° every time it make the banked turn. The truss structure make it easy to attach Christmas light strip for night ride!
  11. Hi, I made this mini MOC using invisible thread for magic (almost invisible, thinner than human hair) and magnetic levitation platform, hope you like it. Same technique:
  12. Thanks! Next time I will try using even less pieces. Thanks! It's invisible thread for magic. (almost invisible, thinner than human hair)
  13. I just made this Invisible tensegrity MOC, hope you like it. Same technique:
  14. Realistic LEGO helicopter rotor head swashplate assembly with fully cyclic and collective control functions. Drive shaft ball joint bearing added.