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  1. Hi, first of all, I have to thank Jim for his great review and all the work and time he spended. Most informative an meanest awaited reviews ever! Last night I finished my Lego Porsche 911 GT3RS from my own parts - in white! I'm a slow, but precise builder, I love building. I'm checking the functions during building quite often, adjust every rotating axle to reduce the slack and even look for the correct orientation of pins, bushes and 2L axle connectors. I've learned, that a precise build satisfies with a durable working set or MOC. What shall I say? My gearbox and shifting is working perfect in each gear with a nice noticeable click. So what have I done? I used Blackbird's mod on step 5. Eliminating the friction! I corrected the gear order as mentioned in the review. Impressive pointing out. I used the normal 3L driving ring clutch with the white 3L axle connector (please excuse, if I use the wrong terms, I hope I can make it clear). While there are only 2 clips on opposite side of the driving ring, I sanded two opposite sides of the 3L axle connector. Now I have an adjustable clutch ;) depending how it's mounted on the white 3L. In one orientation it behaves like the "old" 3L clutch with clicks, rotating the driving ring by 90 degrees it behaves like the "new" smooth clutch. At that stage I finetuned the gearbox to reduce the friction in it. I always do that after bracing. I let the shifting mechanism like it supposed to be, no modifications. What a great ingenious masterpiece! Then comes step 173, and I have the 90 degree offset to step 121 as mentioned from dimudos69 and attika before. You can see it easily in the instructions, so I build it that way. I added the HOG steering, and checked the correct orientation of each axle in that complex. I ended up with a steering wheel rotating the same way in each direction and a perfect middle of steering and front wheels. Then comes the first roller and shifting tests with balloon tires! Looks ridiculous, but I don't have others that would do the job. The shifting was about 95% durable and precise without the body. Next step was the time robbing phase of searching parts, finding out which piece is visible and needs to be replaced with a white one. And also to model the wheel arcs. I made it with beams, so they look a bit blocky. Now, with more than 99% of the steps from the BI done - and some modifications - I ended up with my own working butugly female red(interior) and white(body) Lego Porsche 911GT3 RS! With green bended panels on the hood and roof, and substituted new 7x3 panels with #3 and #4, or build with Liftarms. Looks a bit different sometimes, but you can get the shape. And I will color my pink parts soon, while I already have three racing carts. Also still missing one white panel #21 and #22 and four white flex axles. What a great set! What an hilarious build!! GOOD JOB TLG!!! Too bad, I think I found another mistake in the BI. On the driver side, you can find a 3L axle pin connector behind the door, that needs to be pushed in to "marriage" the body to the shifting block. This one is missing on the right side, that results in a misbehavior of that door, because it bends the lower flex part of the windscreen each time you open it. I added that pinhole, using a (oo+) and a 5L axle instead of 4L to install it. Beside my version is really ugly compared to the original 42056, I have to resume that it's working proper and durable. And it's big! I can feel three years of development in the whole set, because everything fits absolutely tight and seems to be well thought. It's an Ultimate set and 16+ is the correct age, because you have to build very careful. For me, 42056 is a real ultimate Lego (!) Supercar as it should be! I've enjoyed the build a lot and the model itself looks gorgeous. Be aware to look at the attached file, there is a really high risk of eye damage. Robert Please excuse my limited English and wrong use of special terms.
  2. Hi, First, thanks to Jim for his awesome review! I really love his reviews, but this one is outstanding! Also thanks a lot for moderating and sorting the Porsche discussion. I think the link behind Sariel's video review is wrong, it's leading to techlug's short video overview. Ups, to slow ...
  3. Hi, please excuse my question, but why are you discussing about the color? Every set was shown in real colors at the toy fairs and the Porsche was black with these outstanding stickers. Why would TLG change the color only for 42056? Have they done it earlier? If I understand the hints correct, the car would be orange instead of black. First hint was, that TLG will bring a flexible 19L in orange later this year. But are the used flexible parts really 19L long? They look a bit shorter to me ... Second hint was the used 3L axle connector in orange in the Maze set from Lego Ideas. But this number 2 connector is not visible used at the Porsche. In the hood I found only number 3 or 4 connectors for the flexibles. But I' not that good in spotting out parts, so maybe I'm completely wrong. I wish so hard that TLG will bring this car with these great new parts in black (or even white), that I would be completely disappointed if it would be orange. For me, it would be a reason not to buy this set and hope for the new panel parts in a different color in future sets. In that case, I will build the Porsche in black, white, maybe red or blue in 2018! And my last point is, if these great new fender parts are only available in orange, guess what color future Supercars will have. And the other curved part also only exists in silly colors: 24hours racing car green or cart purple. They are almost useless for MOCs. And now in orange instead of useful black? Really?
  4. Hi there, nice model, great review! I almost reverse engineered this model, but used wrong parts for landing wheels, didn't know how to fix the nose proper, and so on. So i was very interested in this model and i like playing with it. I love the reviews, but i think i have to mention, that the yellow axle must be a 5L! The picture shows a 5L, and a 5L would fit the size of the model. The cart has also a 5L in yellow. What sitze is the yellow axle in this seit. Really 4L as written in the text? Greetings, Robert