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  1. Thank you so much (up case !). The Panda has holes on his bottom, also on his feet. With a little force the larger balls with an axle hole fit in there. But the hole distance doesn't fit, so the balls need free movement. Check out, where I introduced the cockpit, I think you can see there how the Panda sits.
  2. So far I used three motor for three weapons. What could be fourth? BOOSTERS! I though they should look like this: Connected with some gears ... ... and attached to the cockpit, driven by another L: More fotos: I hope I can create a video soon! Wow, nice compliment, while it's a wacky contest. Thank you. And =
  3. Wow, thank you! It's the first time someone gave me the A word. Thank you very much. The color scheme is still not final, but with the parts I have. I'm thinking about getting another set, to extend my color range. I hope I can bring it to an end by the end of the week. Ah, what a wonderful Sunday morning. Maybe I can you another update this afternoon. Have a good day.
  4. @Doug72 That's not exactly what meant. For the mechanics it doesn't matter which way they run, they will shift out anything every turn. But the controller in your has still this lever, so I will modify my remote control that it fits to my model functions. Oh, and there is one more thing I forgot : More side view: Robert
  5. Okay, we almost have October, time to start with the upper part of the MOC. Cockpit time: First thing: more weapons! I builded a double machine gun, using the same mechanic as Sariel in his free T29 MOC, powered by one L motor. Left and right the two guns you see in the middle the two attachment points for the driver. Who has ever tried to connect Duplo to Technic? Cockpit done, crosshair installed. As I've mentioned earlier, this won't be near to realistic build, but since it should be something like plane, it needs some elevator and so on. What do you think about this? Or that? ... Getting shape! Thank you, lousy quality though. It should be operated like knob on the IR transmitter, not as a lever. So will have a better feeling for releasing the mine only at the right time.
  6. Wow, time is running so fast! It's almost October and I'm still working on details and color of the lower part ... Today I want to show you my first wacky function: The mechanics are quite simple: a M motor direct attached to a worm gear to reduce speed, turning a linkage which will push out some stuff each turn. The two 4l L shaped beams on the rear are the holder for the magazine, build by system bricks. This is the right module, it will spit out oil leaks. My first test was promising, but still needs to be improved, so no magazine for this at the moment. The left module is just mirrored and will lay out mines, which should be the red bricks. The mine layer magazine has a capacity of three mines. And action: Attached to the model it will look like this: Next milestone were the two receivers, needed to control the first four functions: - drive - steering - minelayer - oil spitter They will be installed on top of the weapon magazines, to have an acceptable IR connectivity. This means, now I have a Roller! First video has to come. I think next time I will be ready to show you my cockpit ... that's gonna be interesting. Robert
  7. Good morning, My pilot arrived. Let me introduce you the fastest Panda of the world, never has been Worldchampion ... UUNNNOOOOOOoooo..... Lego Duplo, I found it on Amazon for two bucks ... I lost the air intake on the right V4! Have a nice day.
  8. I would say my MOC is only inspired by it, so it won't be near the real thing. My color scheme will be completely different and is still not final. I have to choose the colors by the parts I have, so there are compromises all over the place. Making it round? I have cheated ...
  9. I think this is the wrong topic to discuss about V8 or V10 motorbikes, but PLEASE start a new topic, I love bikes, have (I think) cool MOCs and now a camera. I posted the LM847 to show where I got the V8 which was splitted into two V4 for my MOC. Back to the fun part ... ... with some progress ... Since it should be a plane, it needs a rudder. While this vehicle has front drive and rear steering, it was quite easy to use the Servo Motor signal direct over some gears. More Wackyness: This Thing has two parallel rudders! The rudder is driven by the half bevel gear from the servo, then using a 2L liftarm as lever and this black, I think the correct technical term is thing or piece (I've no idea how it's called), connect to one rudder, which is connected by 5L liftarm to the other rudder. So this means, the front propeller will push out a heavy wind, which will blow against other race opponents behind, lead through two steered rudders. The black 4l L arm with the red 2l axle is only to control all the cables inside, no further function. Some more views: I think I made also my choice about the wheels. You can see the wheel cutter on the rear axle. Shape and color of the rudder isn't final. That's it for the moment. I hope I can show you next time one of my interpretations of a Wacky Wheels function. Robert
  10. Yep! Lazareth LM 847: That looks like a cool MOC to me! Maybe, maybe ...
  11. The bumper movement is quite wacky waiting for the finished model ...
  12. Since the lower part is getting shape, how will the whole model going to look like? In the beginning I showed a picture of the Goblin plane, which was my first idea, but I was unable to generate a hull in Lego. Then I was looking for silly planes in history and I found the Stipa Caproni: Try to image this plane on wheels and you will get a hint to the finished model. But only if someone still wants to see it ...
  13. Nope, I started a few days after Jim opened TC12 and the model is almost ready, but I just want to give you the states how I build the model.
  14. Hi, Sorry for not being active enough in this topic, but I'm absent from a good internet connection at the moment. But since there are almost three weeks left for this contest, I'm pretty shure I can give you enough updates over the next few days to generate more interest ;) Back to topic and progress: I stumbled upon a V8 fake engine I build a few months ago for a motorbike, which would look good on my model. I splitted it into two V4 and added some gears to simulate the drive to the cam shaft and more engine components. So now it looks like a big bore V4! I like it. Two of them will be attached to the chassis left and right, and will be driven by chain from the front axle. I also installed a switch for the BB, so the power can be switched, away from the BB. Blocked by two L shaped beams, the BB can now only be switched on and off, instead of three positions as usual. The lower part of the model is getting more and more shape ... Robert
  15. Thanks for that. Yep, not much to say, not much to comment. Since it's an almost standard chassis (heavy modified 42048), so what? I hope it will become more clear when you can see more progress.
  16. Hi, some progress. i installed the BB and finished the front fairing. The BB can be changed by loosening the four black 3L2PinBush. From the underside you can see the bevel gear to drive the front propeller: Assembled it will look like this: No one has noticed the wide wheelbase on the steered axle. Robert
  17. Any idea where to get the instructions? I think on the official Lego instructions page they will be released on fist of August, while none of the new 2H sets is available.
  18. Wow, that's a really hard one! Love it. Visit Poland and make yourself at home .... (sorry) Can't wait to see your reviews, while they reached such a professional leve. Thanks in advance and have fun building.
  19. Works as it should on IOS with different browsers. Awesome! Please review set C at first ...
  20. It works for me on IOS with different browsers. Man, l couldn't vote or see any results in ages ... so i was really surprised that I received a normal behavior with this default theme. I hope you can find the reason for the misbehavior.
  21. @letsbuild Please excuse, but somehow I don't understand the rules ... AMS stands for first Annual Motorized Set contest, does that mean we have to mod an existing set and motorize (RC) it? How far can the modification go? Just put a motor (for any function) in an existing set, which wasn't motorized in that function, and keep the original look as near as possible? Does the MOD have to drive, or is it enough to motorize a winch f.e.? My first idea was to combine the Porsche hull and drivetrain from 9398 Rock Crawler. But wheelbase was to short and narrow. So I would have ended up with a MOD, that has a heavily modded 9398 drivetrain and a part of a different set (Porsche). That's the goal of this contest? Then I saw this idea already realized, so I had to change mine. Next idea was to crawlify 42025 Cargo Plane! This would have ended up with a funny MOD, that has no climbing abilities, but is great "crawlified". Does this one fit better or worse than my first idea to the contest goal? Since I wasn't sure, I thought about modding 42005 Monster Truck. In fact, motorize it, and it still will stay a Monster Truck, not a Rock Crawler. And it's to small to fit a normal BB, so this would turn out more as a MOC than a MOD of an existing set. You still can see the relationship to 42005, it's a Monster Truck with self designed drivetrain and body, but in fact these models will be quite different. Does it still count? While there are no prizes to win, I think this contest is more fun then a hard combat. My entry is assembled, but not photographed. So it's only two fotos and a (short) video is essential to enter? Thanks in advance, Robert
  22. @Siegfried Thank you for the review, I was waiting for that one. On the other hand I'm a bit disappointed, because this set has really great mechanics with a lot of levers inside the hull, and that's the advantage of this set. While I was building it, I was really impressed by all the movements inside. Nope! (IMHO) I builded this set with my own parts. In yellow and white. Not black and blue, no nice red accents. Looks quite ugly ... When I first saw this set, I wasn't really impressed. I don't like these light blue parts, somehow I'm unable to build something in this color, and on the first view there weren't any parts, that I really need, so it didn't make it to my wish list. Building 42066 was pure fun to me, because it has these complex internals, moving levers all over the place, PF, and it has this Kinder Surprise effect: you want to see, what's inside ... And it's huge! Bigger than the Porsche! So, my resume is, that it's not "just a bunch of panels", this set contains a pile of panels, even new ones in black, great part collection with some new rare parts, great building experience and an overall impressive model. If I can get it for a good price, I'll have my hand on this set! Even with the light blue parts.
  23. I'd say, S-Brick is very interesting, but not that necessary,while you still don't have RC receivers ... I would bit the bullet and go for a 42030! Four motors - all available types - two receivers and two remote controls. You can motorized and RC a lot with this setup. It's maybe a bit out of your money range, but in my opinion the best choice for what you want to do. Plus some yellow beams. 42065 would be only my choice, if I wanted to build only tracked vehicles. Otherwise I'm always lacking some Servos and receivers. My next order, for example, will only be receivers and Servos, as much as I can afford. Hope, that helped.