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  1. Wow, time is running so fast! There are so many marvelous entries already and i'm still struggling with the front and general part selection. But I was able to do some progress. I'm not really satisfied and still not sure if I want to enter. And meanwhile also my tablet died ...
  2. Great engine, nice details - and many of them. Not my favorite type of car but you captures the lines quite good. Rear axle seems to be too wide ...
  3. Yeah, you're right, my fault. Please don't miss understand me, I didn't want to judge your outstanding entry nor wanted to have it changed. I thought it could be generally difficult to respect the max width with this kind of wheels, but they look so much better than the Covette wheels, even on the Corvette.
  4. I think so too, but the TLG solution is quite robust and very handy - perfect for a construction toy. The part you mentioned is one of those parts I always forget that they exist, but it could create a very clever solution, as we see in other axle designs. Good idea! Maybe I have to give it a try ... if I can find some time ... Thanks for that! Good explanation That's a good idea! Thank you! If there will be some time left at the end, maybe I will use it for this MOC. As I wrote in the information topic: this contest is a treasure chest for good solutions with less space consumption! Thanks to Jim again. More info about my entry: today I was only searching for specific parts, starting a bricklink order and did some minor cosmetics and generally color selection. Maybe I can give another update tomorrow. And then there is still the hood ... the hood man, the hood ...
  5. Awesome model! The lower part of the car looks a bit Japanese Porsche design to me and quite modern, while the glass roof gives it a futuristic 50s look. Good combination, kinda retro. Plus the glass roof offers a good view to the well designed and not overloaded interior and avoids the difficult roof building in this size. Well done! Maybe I would change the bumper integrated lights to 2x1 transclear tiles instead of the 1x1 knobs to give it a smoother look. I also really like the rear view at the car - sporty! Can you please measure the width at the wheels? To me it looks a bit too wide with this kind of wheels. Yep!
  6. The solution is quite easy: either you accept that the axles could be pulled out of the diff or you use the London Bus wheels. That's it and as far I saw, the TC18 entry builders did just that. And I will do the same: use the smaller rims for TC18 and then go back to the wider wheels. If I remember right, it still would fit to 42098. @Jim That made my day But let's put on some bodywork: At next I will try to add more details like rear lights and give you an update again.
  7. Hi, while I'm still fighting with the bodywork - especially with the bonnet and the front end - I think my chassis is about 90% finished, so I compared it to the chassis from 42093 and 42098. My wheelbase will be a little bit longer: But therefore my entry will become very low! The top view shows the middle motor concept best. As you can see, I'm using the wider wheels on the rear instead of the London Bus wheels from 42093. And this is making my entry too wide. It would be 16 studs instead of the allowed 15: You can see that I'm using the same axle setup as for 42093: I can't move the rims more inwards, because then they would rub on the structure. The used axle setup is best for preventing the axles being pulled of the differential and I think that's the reason why LG introduced the new rims into technic. So either I have to change the wheels or the allowed width for TC18 would be increased to 16. @Jim?
  8. You got my attention with the first pic! Thanks for sharing the instructions for free for this beauty. The only thing I have to mention are the painted parts. The original color scheme was quite good and now it looks a bit to shiny to me and has the appealing of a copy cat, rather than an encouraged MOC. However, I have to build this, because I think it would push the quality of my exhibited models.
  9. +1 Thank you @Jim for creating another beautiful EB contest, I think especially this one is a treasure chest of gorgeous individual technical solutions. So we are all winners of this competition! I feel a little bit guilty for the discussion about multiple pictuses in one, since I think I was one of the first who used if for TC12, which wasn't common at that time. Now everyone is using it but the entry topic doesn't look messy to me but more informative while judging, because you can pronounce more aspects of a build while not overloading the topic. It's more about the quality of photos, but this is individual and not everyone has Jim's skills and equipment to produce his remarkable quality. So I still think the rules are sinfull, well balanced and good interpretated by each member. But specially for this contest instructions should have been mandatory, since I want to have each beautiful entry on my shelf.
  10. Is one picture from the pure chassis in the entry topic mandatory? If so, I would appreciate four pictures. Otherwise it wouldn't be necessary to increase the number of allowed pictures, specially for this contest. The proportions of an entry should allow to show top and side view in one pic. Same with front and rear view. I thought the limitation of picture numbers were set to keep the download and the generell length of the topic in an acceptable range. Just my opinion, i'm fine with either way.
  11. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! YES! I almost can't wait to get my hands on this yet. As a motorbike enthusiast, specially Ducati (I love my SS900) I've waited since 42036 for this. It contains some very nice details as the long awaited break discs and the bigger rear tire. They even added winglets. And the new front shocks look superb, but why havn't they added a support for brake calipers? The fairing is okay, but I like the one from 42036 more. The windshield is a big surprise, I havn't expected such piece. And finally we got a gearbox in an official bike. The biggest con: the chain is still running outside the swingarm as on 42036 ...
  12. @super-jaschka thank you for the compliment - and finally I got some response, which motivates me a lot finishing this MOC. Special thanks for that. But I was seriously not kidding - i'my not good in building cars. Well, at least compared to the other super-hyper-breathtaking-incredible-good-car-builders here. I still even hope I have the abilities to finish it ... @Thirdwigg yepee, more response thank you But I don't have any updates at the moment, still fighting with the front. And the color scheme. And the overall proportions. And the neccessary parts for a bricklink order. And printer cartridges. And finding building time beside work ... and so on and so forth ... TC'S rules! @super-jaschka by the way, nice tag you have
  13. I like the blue color scheme. Maybe you can follow it and build a Tyrell F1 car?
  14. This is beautiful. Maybe I don't like the rear engine but it adds to the functions. Well done and possibly my favorite while 9398 brought me out of my dark age ...
  15. Wow, what a gorgeous chassis! I really like the suspension and the motor - marvelous. I hope you can find a good bodywork that represents the technical core.
  16. @vascolp Thanks, I like it also Meanwhile I found some time to build a little bit, but I'm still far away from my target and you guys present one beautiful creation after the other. Chapeau. I think I found a wheelbase to work with, but it's still a rough scratch. On the right side you can see my first attempt to find a shell. The belly shot offers my try for a diffuser that might be final, while the front spoiler is only a placeholder and is taken from 42093. I couldn't find a shape for the front end so far ... I haven't added any details yet and the model will have only a few functions like HOG and working steering wheel.
  17. I thought TC 17 would be the small car contest, now it' TC18. What's next? I think not so it would be a great idea for TC19 or 20. MOTORCYCLES!
  18. Thanks @Jim, my fault, i havn't checked the number of posts. Maybe you will edit your post again, so it's not disturbing this winners topic with a single member votes count? Again, thanks to all contest participants, making this contest an entertaining race again For the winners: enjoy your victory, see ya at the next contest ...
  19. Congratulations to the winners! Outstanding MOCs, perfect match with the theme end well presented, chapeau. But also congarticulations to all participants, you are the soul of every contest. And many thanks to all the voters, specially to the three that voted for me @Jim thank you again for a nice contest and great prices, i'm always honored to become a contest member. But you used a new tool to count the rating, right? Maybe you have to check that again ...
  20. Wow, that was close. But I'm done! Now it's time to come back to a normal life and clean up my rooms (yes, I have devastated more then one room during this contest). That was really fun! Thanks to @Jim for creating this contest and give us additional time. Good luck to all contestants.
  21. First of all: many many thanks to @Jimfor creating another EB contest! Finished! I'm ridiculously busy at the moment, that's why I'm not really active in this forum. I'm still interested in new sets, Mods, MOCs and general discussions but I'm really lacking time to participate in the discussions. I almost have no time to build! Then Jim came up with another contest. Awesome. Prologue: Contest are always very welcome to me while they are only valid for a specific period and have new themes for MOCs out of my comfort zone. But what to build? The world is devastated after a nuclear war and resources are low. So my first idea was a vehicle than could provide a survival environment - find food, water and fuel. Survive in the wastelands ... But then I decided that the main theme is Mad Max, so I would need a mad vehicle prepared for combat. Harvesting resources is secondary. It should be something I have never build before and full RC ... Starting the WIP: Last weekend I was able to borough a camera, so now I can show some pics. With a rough idea in mind I stuffed some parts together. First thing was a standard rear axle: This will be my last iteration of the axle. While it's a pretty standard build it's using six shocks to support the weight of all the electronics and the BB. The vehicle will be propelled by two L motors and will contain a damn simple two speed gearbox: And a standard rack and pinion front axle: You can see the two gear columns to change drive and steer to the opposite side: Now I have to reassemble the whole bunch and find an adequate colour scheme ... As you can see, there are still a lot of things to do and I'm really suffering under time pressure (I should have build a motorcycle) But hey, contests are for fun! So more to come ...
  22. Wow, that was close! I finished my video! Now my entry is complete. I had pure fun during building and learned a lot again. Its always pure pleasure room enter an EB contest, meanwhile it turned out to be a little bit stressy. But contests are for fun ... Thanks for reading and writing. Special thanks to @Jim again
  23. Thanks, that helps a lot. It seems I'm not the only one who's a little late ... Thanks for creating another great inspiring EB contest!
  24. Thanks for the comment @1980SomethingSpaceGuy, in fact it's not that small, I mean it's using Xerion tires ... The idea behind this MOC is is a vehicle based on an existing old car, modified into a personnel Hot Rod and armed with a hefty gun. However, I'm really busy with finishing my entry. I'm still working on the video and upload it once it's done. Meanwhile I try to recreate my entry presentation: DOUBLE TROUBLE Full RC, seven motors six functions: full independent suspension DOHC R4 fake engine steering by Servo Motor moving arms with steer propelled by two hard coupled L motors shifting 2 speed gearbox by M motor turret elevation by M motor turret rotation by M motor gun shooting by L motor, four shots each side moving arms while shoot easy to reload openable doors and hood front double gun easy accessible BB