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  1. The Caped Crusader

    [MOC] Batmobile : The Predator

    Yeah , brickshelf just needs its time , it's downloadable if you check now guys , so @Rustinidiel's villains are in for a treat . I'd love to see pictures if you guys go ahead and build it ( and I'd appreciate credit if you happen to use it anywhere which I would love ).
  2. The Caped Crusader

    [MOC] Batmobile : The Predator

    Yeah , got it , seems I've already exceeded my 100 kB so Brickshelf will have to do . Thanks for coming to the rescue anyway @Darkdragon
  3. The Caped Crusader

    [MOC] Batmobile : The Predator There you go ( Is there a way to upload directly to eurobricks ? )
  4. The Caped Crusader

    [MOC] Batmobile : The Predator

    @terryfay1983 @LegoMonorailFan , Thanks for your comments guys ! I'm honoured @Gerechtigkeitsliga I'm actually working on a scuttler type vehicle that transforms into a batwing right now ( kind of like the Lego Batman Movie ) @the imperial reporter I can cook a quick ldd file up if that format is convenient for you
  5. The Caped Crusader

    [MOC] Batmobile : The Predator

    @TheBrickBuilder14 Thank you so much ! I am a really big fan of your vehicles as well so it means a lot ! A minifigure can actually fit inside (barely though) , although sadly not with the Batman cowl used for the Lego Batman Movie Batman ( the BvS short-ears one fits just fine though). I am also happy to say that Race mode can be "locked" so that the wheels don't spread out when you play with the car ( as I said playability was an important factor in this ). @JACKATTACKS , @Master_Data , @Actor Builder , @Chookdude Thanks so much guys ! It really means a lot !
  6. The Caped Crusader

    [MOC] Batmobile : The Predator

    Hello People :) After all this time I’m back with a new creation . The reason you haven’t seen anything for so long is because I went through a process of rethinking the way I build . I used to mainly recreate models from Star Wars or DC comics , with a sole purpose of making the MOC look as accurate to the original as possible , sacrificing stability , playability and overall good structure most of the time . I was no longer satisfied with that . From now on my goals are to build MOCs that both look good , and also are fun , playable , contain smart play features and generally function well as toys. The first result of this “new style” is what you see below : my own original Batmobile. While it draws inspiration from a couple of Batmobiles ( mainly Arkham Knight’s and BvS’s) it is my own spin on the classic vehicle , the Predator . It’s packed with action features : a stud shooter turret , a “hook” style spring-loaded shooter, opening trunk with all the gear you’ll need ( batarangs , a new remote batarang made from some old knight helmet feathers , extra ammo and a line launcher ) and the ability to transform between two modes , one ideal for battles and one built for speed. Also, the turret can be swapped out for a winch , which can be attached to the front spring loaded shooter and then shot - you can catch enemies’ vehicles , bring down walls , shoot it towards a roof and then climb , the possibilities are endless. I have also built a display MOC for my Batmobile - which is the first segment of what will eventually become a full Batcave . It has working lights and spins slowly - as a car turntable should. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this . Do you like this new style of building ? Do you like the look of the car ? What about the functions ? Do you want to see a full Batcave ? Your comments are very important to me :)
  7. The Caped Crusader

    Decal Wish List

    Hey guys , I was wondering if anyone was interested in making the DC Rebirth Batman suit ( as seen here). No need for a belt since I'll use the new belt piece from the Lego Batman Movie. Not too detailed , simple and clean like TLG would design it . Thanks in advance to anyone who is kind enough to help , I'll use this in a MOC and will of course credit you .
  8. The Caped Crusader

    [MOC] Son of Makuta

    Hey guys , this is the first Bionicle G2 MOC I made that I find worth sharing so please , enjoy : This is ______ , the son of Makuta . The devil-like _____ is as devious and insidious as his father , but also bloodthirsty and ruthless. He wields a powerful Bident gifted to him by his father ( inspired by Hades's weapon of choice ) , which he uses both for physical combat as well as channeling his dark elemental powers. His bat-like wings allow him to take his fights to the sky ( using an Ikir like flapping function ) , often dropping his enemies after grabbing them and flying high enough for a lethal drop. Finally , his satyr-like legs draw inspiration from depictions of demons and devils having similar legs , as well as G1 Makuta from 2003. "Witness the fate of your leader Toa , witness the fate of those who stand before me . Now that I defeated him , what chance do you stand ?" So what do you guys think ? Please comment , I'd love to hear your opinions and criticism , they really mean a lot to me ! I'm also looking for a name for him so drop any idea you have in the comments . Thanks a lot for looking .
  9. The Caped Crusader

    [WIP] T-65 X-Wing

    Thanks ! It's something I 've experimented on before , involving stripping the PF lights of their cover , so they can fit through the axle hole .
  10. The Caped Crusader

    [WIP] T-65 X-Wing

    @Arthur Schopenhauer : Thanks for the comment man . The next update will probably be the finished thing ! @La Chupacabra : Do you mean this one [ ] ? If so , it's a minifig shoulder armour part from some Prince of Persia sets .
  11. The Caped Crusader

    [WIP] T-65 X-Wing

    Hey guys , new ( kind of late ,but I got a new job and went away on holidays for a while) update on the X-Wing. The body is next to complete ( only have the right side panels on so I can access the inside , as I'm trying to make some connections stronger). I'll probably add rigid hoses to cover the gaps between the panels. I also added PF lights to the exhausts , the photo doesn't showcase them that well but they shine in the iconic pink/purple colour. The big engine parts are ideal for hiding the cables , they won't be visible at all in the final model. The two main things that remain are the greebling on top, behind R2 ( I really need to buy the newest R2-D2 version - I only have the old one ) , and the detail in the back. S-foils are stuck in attack position for now since that's what you really want for displaying an X-wing , but I'm playing around with ways to make them close up for flight too. The stand is obviously thrown together in seconds just for now , I'll build a proper one soon enough.Finally , please ignore the hose on the canopy not being as bent as it needs to be , these things are tough to bend properly , but I think I have a solution . As always, please help me improve this by commenting your opinions and suggestions , it really helps a ton ( Also, click the images to see a better resolution on flickr) .
  12. The Caped Crusader

    [WIP] T-65 X-Wing

    Hey guys , sorry for the double post but I think it's excusable since this is an update (just a small one though). I worked on the angled part in the belly , and added a couple of tiles on the top of the cockpit . Please ignore the ugly "inside" of the cockpit , it will of course , be fixed , but I think I'll leave it for last. I also finished the main cannon on the wing. I am 100% sure about the techniques I used , but I'm not sure about the length . Please comment what you think about it . Personally , what bugs me and will probably be changed soon is that 2x4 wedge below the dark red tile. The angle isn't right , it should be replaced with a 2x3 wedge , and then the angle will be perfect . My problem is that if I do replace it with a 2x3 , it will (obviously) not be as long , and won't cover the whole area. I have an idea that fixes both problems , I'll test it out tomorrow. Please comment your opinions and/or suggestions guys , it really helps .
  13. The Caped Crusader

    [WIP] T-65 X-Wing

    Oh , I see what you mean now . That guys X-wing is pretty good , he uses almost the same technique as I do on that area ( although he posted it only one day later than I posted mine so there's no chance it's a "borrowed idea" , just minds thinking alike ). In his version the problem doesn't exist because the 2x4 tiles for the top part are 1 plate higher . that way the can't be lower than the top of the nose though. I think I can achieve middle ground with mine with both the wedges not being higher than the top , and the top not being as high as the nose. I'll get working and will update you guys by Friday .
  14. The Caped Crusader

    [WIP] T-65 X-Wing

    Thanks for the comments guys guys ! I had a bit of progress and now that 2 out of 3 BL orders are here I'll post an update on the next couple of days. @Kit Bricksto (awesome name dude) : I totally get what you're saying . That way the wedges can be slightly angled inwards so it will get more narrow towards the front . That's a great idea and I'll consider it , but first thoughts are that I'm already fine with the small amount of "getting narrower towards the front" effect that the parts create as they are angled , and on a more technical note , it will be extremely hard or even impossible to achieve while keeping the 92946 parts on the bottom of the nose ( the ones that are currently black ). Nevertheless play with the idea before completely dismissing it , as it is a really good one. @Joebiwankenobi : Thanks for the comment man ! @Arthur Schopenhauer : I'm so happy you get that , because capturing the general "feel" of the model is just as important to me as all the angles and techniques . And the reason I chose Light Bluish Grey is exactly as you said : it compliments and captures that feel. Keep the comments and suggestions up guys , this is making the process much more precise , fun and creative . P.S. I'm on vacation for the next couple of weeks so building will greatly speed up !
  15. The Caped Crusader

    [WIP] T-65 X-Wing

    Sadly I'm using many illegal/unorthodox techniques. It's the only way to get the shapes and angles right in this scale. If you guys are interested I can make instructions for it when it's done , LDD can't show the illegal connections that will be used. The wings will probably just be on hinges , since I don't want to ruin the accuracy with a knob to turn for a gear function. Keep the feedback up !