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    Hey !

    Hi guys , I 'm Troopmaker , or just 'maker . I like biulding lsw vigs spaceships and ground vehicles . I will post my first moc soon , probably tomorow . It 's a TFU 1 moc ( tie fighter construction facility ) which is a bit plain , but really good. 'maker ;)
  2. Kendo

    Hey !

    ABOVE POST LINKS WORKING No , I can't upload the photos ! It's an Ipad . I will post the links tomorow , when I 'll have my pc . Sorry guys , I 've got to sleep , it's 12:30 here and I have to wake up at 6 tomorow . 'maker Ok , pics coming in 3 hours and sorry about all this guys . I hope the moc makes up for it . ABOVE POST LINKS WORKING Please tell me your opinions , but keep in mind that it's my first moc
  3. Kendo

    Hey !

    WORKING LINKS Ok guys, the moc is here ! What it actually is is that catwalk ( I think that's what it is called ) from tfu I artwork , where Galen is pwning those stormtroopers . I'm posting it here and not starting a new topic cause those pics are really bad , and the good ones won't be coming untill Sunday . The moc consists of two parts , which I shot seperately because as you can imagine I 'm using a bad cam . So Part one , the first part of the broken catwalk , with Galan standing there. I hope I can add some lightning coming from his hand . What I like about this part is those little round boxes , which would be available for a grip if we were playing the actual game . Link Tell me if it doesn't work . Ok , part 2 , the part of the catwalk where the victims are , you can see the two stormies , and that thing between them is a box , which I should have turned 180 degrees , so that you would be looking at the side where the tile was . Sorry about that .... Also something I forgot to post above , the other thing I like about the moc is that where there is a grey line in the floor, there are cheesy slopes at the edges . Link WORKING LINKS ! 'maker
  4. Kendo

    Hey !

    Thanks for all the response guys ! I 'm taking photos of my moc right now .