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  1. Man , this is probably the most accurate moc I've ever seen ! Also , I haven't watched the film yet , but I think this will probably be the most epic scene ! If you want you can edit the picture to change the lighting and the colors so that it looks just like the ref pic ( I'm pretty sure they do this in the movie too ) .
  2. Kendo

    Republic Gunship

    The wings , the sliding doors and the cockpit area are perfect , just work on the front a bit and the moc will be a total win !
  3. Kendo

    Mecha WIP

    It's been a while since I visited this topic , but thanks for the comment Mr Man ! Although the mech wasn't intended to look like an Aqua droid or anything like that , it's really fun to see what you guys come up with about what it looks like ! I have this mech just standing there together hith my stromtroopers looking a bit useless so I would appreciate an idea of how to enhance this moc ......... ( hope you understand what I say , it's a bit late here and English isn't my first language so it's a bit hard but I think I made it :P )
  4. Kendo

    [MOC] Crusaders Of Gand

    Nice moc Masked Builder , I love Every bit of it ! The posing of your figs is very realistic , and the bridge is a really good idea ! Doc 's right about SNOT though .....
  5. Kendo

    Grievous's Wheel Bike

    I can't comment on accuracy since I don't know much about the bike ( only watched ROTS three times , and I'm not in a mood of looking for ref pics and all that stuff right now ) what I can tell is that the moc is really awesome , has perfect greebling and fits the general although his new version is a bit " clonewarsy " . All in all , it's a huge success !
  6. Kendo

    [MOC] Pwned

    Hey guys , guess who 's back ! I 've built a new moc , and can't wait to share it ! So without further delay , here it is ! ! Enjoy , and please comment !
  7. Kendo

    [MOC] Pwned

    Thanks for your comments , I don't think the changes are important at all , and I wasn't sure if I should post this , but , well , I'm happy that you like it .....
  8. Kendo

    [MOC] Pwned

    Hey guys , I finished the moc ( nothing special , just added those tiles on the top ), here's the final version :
  9. Kendo

    Z56 air speeder

    Troopmaker and 7 other friends like this This speeder is , to say the least , the best of it's kind . The whole speeder 's awesome , but what I love the most is the rear !
  10. Kendo

    [MOC] Speeder Bike

    Wow , that's one of the best speeders I've ever seen , nice job Praiter ! Although, I think you should take another picture in which the scout trooper has a more natural feel , I don't really like the way he is riding the bike (it's still perfect though )....
  11. Kendo

    Starkiller's Speederbike

    This IS going to win , excellent moc Oky !
  12. Kendo

    Palpatine's SITHway (TM)

    I just thought it was over , my bad .....
  13. Kendo

    Jengo Fett's planetary Prowler

    The idea of the basketball legs as well as the whole moc is awesome ....... Good luck on the contest !
  14. Kendo

    White Tiger

    I can see some interesting techniques here , but I must agree with Blacknight about the cockpit . Finally , the pilot's really nice , good job !
  15. Kendo

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Nice photos Brickdoctor , I love the first and the third the most , that royal guard looks amazing !
  16. Kendo

    MOC: Vaders Apprentice Vignette

    Not bad at all , I like the greebling on the lower part . I think Galen should be holding his lightsaber like he does in the game though ....
  17. Kendo

    Ezio Auditore

    Not bad -- for a purist ! Nah , just joking , this is really good , after playing the game I tryied to make Ezio too , but I gave up after a while , so I know how hard it was ...
  18. Kendo

    Palpatine's SITHway (TM)

    Haha , that's a hilarious moc ! Although I'm not sure if you can post entries anymore ....
  19. Kendo

    Cad Bane's - The Thief of Fortune (speeder)

    This is a cool speeder , to say the least . The whole thing is awesome , but what I like the most is the skeletal part . Good luck !
  20. Kendo

    Dark Sides of the Moons

    Very nice Rook , I love that light speeder ! Also , congratulations on finding a use for this almost useless bionicle eyes piece !
  21. Kendo

    Maurice tow-landspeeder

    Nice entry Baronsat ! Good luck in the contest !
  22. What a perfect moc ! I 'm fond of every part of it , interior , exterior , everything ! Nice job pedro !
  23. Kendo

    Introduction and first MOC

    Really good , almost perfect taking your dark ages into account ! There are some parts that can be improved ( I 'm not a can of those tracks ) , but if that is your first one after your little eem break , then I can 't wait to see your next ones !
  24. Kendo

    Micro Grievous' starfighter

    Wow , really recognisable despite it's scale ! I love this moc ! Although , I agree with the ones stating that there should be some tan in this ... It's still awesome though !
  25. Kendo

    [MOC] Pwned

    Thanks for the comments guys , I may post the larger moc today , it's almost done , but I dont really know if I will have the time to