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  1. ...... THAT'S AMAZING !!!! It's by far the best death star approach I've ever seen .... Congratulations BaronSat !
  2. Kendo

    Moons of Endor

    Wow , that tree is a total success , and your approach of the speeder is also very interesting ( a worthy opponent for Brickdoctor 's design ) . All in all , it's one of the best mocs that I've ever seen ....
  3. Kendo

    Powerful Shuttle

    The shuttle looks spectacular , especially in the first picture , but I think you should work on the engines a bit .
  4. Kendo

    Tatooine Sand Dunes

    You have my respect , king of the community build ..... This is as awesome as it is big !
  5. Kendo

    [MOC] A Small Slice of Tatooine

    A nice addition to the community build , I hope that I can come up with something equally good ... Nice work Lord of the Fries ....
  6. Kendo


    Nice job Hammer , I really like that white car . Is this LDD or another app (cause I noticed that there are some pieces I've never seen in LDD ) ?
  7. Can I participate too please, I'd love to take part in something like this !
  8. Kendo

    Big Apple Diner

    That's the moc I chose to post my 100th post ! I like the tent , the lower "brick" section and the sign the most.
  9. Kendo

    MOC - Lisbon Street

    This is the best city moc that I 've ever seen , The details are AMAZING ! I love the mailbox , the parking thing, the clothes left to dry and all the minifigs poping out of nowhere ( like the chef ) . I can't cogratulate you enough !
  10. Kendo


    You 're getting better bro , I like that tree , I think you 're ready for something a bit more complicated !
  11. Kendo

    The killin' goose

    This is nice as much as it is big , nice work jansued . I think you should be a bit more optimistic about the contest , after all , it's a very nice entry !
  12. Kendo

    [MOC] the P-Wing

    You achieved in building a ship in the shape of one of the most difficult letters , that's enough for me to be amazed ! Good luck in the contest , I believe you're gonna need it with all those Rook entries !
  13. Kendo

    [MOC] Republic I-Wing

    The ship 's pretty good considering that you had to make it look like an i ! I like the fact the you added some playability with those flick fire missiles . Overall , the ship is very good , and I wish you luck in the contest.
  14. Kendo

    MOC: Calendar

    Nice work there darkdragon I really like those little vigs right below the calendar . Keep up the good work !
  15. Kendo

    MOC-74-Z Speeder bike

    Except from the moc , which is awesome , I want to congratulate you about the scout's backpack , which I have noticed in the actual character and made with same way as you in my scouts ! All in all it's a total success Darth Yogi !
  16. Kendo


    It's good .... for a first moc :P ... Actually it's not bad , but it's better to use LDD for mostly mocs and not that much figs . Keep on building !
  17. Kendo

    [MOC] Echo Base

    Very nice work on this , I like the fact that you mixed all the sets , and your custom stuff ( from which I especially like the med droid ). Keep up the good work !
  18. Kendo

    MOC:air bike

    I agree with my brother ( nik ) about the colors , although I must say that the design is really good . Also , as Legostein pointed out , you should work on the fig a bit ... The moc needs some work , but if you do it right , the result will be worth the effort !
  19. Kendo

    (MOC) - A part of Theed

    I can spot quite a few interesting techniques there Dengar , nice work !
  20. Kendo

    [MOC] AT-ST

    First of all , Congratulations for this moc . It is by far the best AT ST I've ever seen .... I love every part of it , the "head " the legs , everything ! Finally , I just can't wait to see the interior ! All in all ,this moc is a total WIN !
  21. Kendo

    Jaden Korr's Z-95 Headhunter [MOC]

    Same here ( the first time I fnished the game , cause , man , I've played it over and over a thousand times !) ,2 blue sabers ......
  22. Kendo

    Jaden Korr's Z-95 Headhunter [MOC]

    I gave the headhunter a shot almost two years ago , I think , I uploaded it to flickr much later , it's quite funny , cause my Jaden was exactly the same as yours . Your headhunter is much better than that old version of mine , and from what I remember it's really accurate ( it's been almost two years since I last played the game , but I was intrigued by the Z-95 , so I remember a thing or two ) . I also like the base and the lights that lead to it ( it's one thing I do remember from Academy ) . All in all , the creation is a huge success ! Although , if you want to make it perfect, you can try and make it flow a bit more ( I'm not sure if that 's the word , but what I mean is that it has to feel a bit more ... natural , for example , I thing you should add tiles to the whole wing and not only parts of it ). It's still very nice though .
  23. Kendo

    Mecha WIP

    Although it's still a WIP creation , I decided to share this with you guys , hope you like it ( please give me some c@c too , but don't be harsh , it's my first shot ....) My first mech by troopmaker, on Flickr
  24. Kendo

    Republic Gunship

    It's a big improvement ( not to say that it wasn't good before , read my previous post ) , but to make it perfect you still need to work on the front a bit .... Again , it's one of the best mocs I've ever seen , I just hope to help you make it the best
  25. Kendo

    Mecha WIP

    Well , yeah , there is some resemblance between them , although there are quite enough different spots . These droids are from a videogame if i 'm not wrong ( I think it's called portal , but it's very likely that I'm making a mistake ) ? Anyway, thanks for the comment Wash ! Also : Any chance someone can tell me how to deeplink pictures ? ( if you can , just explain me and do not edit my post , so I don't bother everyone every time I want to include a picture to my post )