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    Welcome To Endor

    The moc looks great , nice job ! There are some parts that are just awesome , and others that are great as well , but may be improved more ( although they already look cool ) . My favorite part is the platform , mostly the lower levels , which look exactly like the ones in RotJ . The trees are also nice and pretty accurate for the small scale of the moc . on to the parts that may be improved , I think you should work on the AT - ST 's "body" a bit . Overall the moc is really good , keep the good work coming !!! Cheers , Troopmaker
  2. Kendo


    Hello everyone , it's been a while since I posted a moc , but I'm back with another one . This time I built the famous All Terrain Recon Transport , a.k.a. AT - RT , and made a custom waterslide decal ARF trooper to ride the walker . I apologise for the background of the pics , it's just that the grey baseplate I use as a bg is currently needed in another moc . The fig is my first attempt at waterslide decals , so please comment on its pro's and con's . Here are some pics , but you can check my flickr for much more ! AT-RT by troopmaker, on Flickr I hope you liked it ! Please comment ! Edit : I thought you'd like it if I posted some close photos of certain parts , so here is the "leg" and the "communications thingy" in the back
  3. Kendo


    Thank you guys ! I don't know if i 'm going to post it in EB , but that's definitely going to happen !! Your idea is absolutely hilarious !!
  4. Kendo


    Thanks everyone , I really appreciate your feedback !!
  5. Kendo


    Thanks for your comments MrMan and LEGOman ! I see what you mean and I'm thinking of taking a couple of shots with more "mainstream" leg posing . Please keep the comments up !! Oh , and , MrMan , you probably mean 501st ...
  6. Kendo


    Thanks for your comments guys !Answering to Legoman , I am familiar with the idea of cutting part of the bottom of the leg joining thing so that one can use a "whole-leg" decal with no fear of it being ruined when he brings the fig's legs into a sitting position , but I'm new to it , so I thought that I will try it on other customs , when I will be more experienced ... Answering to C.Colt , I tried the 2x3 angle piece first , but the 3x3 looked much better ...
  7. Kendo

    Naboo Starfighter Bay

    Nice one ACPin ! I love the details , and your posing of the figs makes the moc come alive ! Although I ust admit that after seeing all those moc's of yours through the years I was expecting the whole Bay !! Edit : I just read the other comms and found out you're making the whole thing . I'm looking forward to this even more than I'm looking forward to the summer sets !!
  8. Kendo

    [MOC] ARC-170 starfighter (Instructions)

    This is amazing , I can't stop staring at the pic ... Your moc is outstanding , congrats "Thire5" !
  9. Kendo

    UCS Millenium Falcon MOC

    You deserve the respect of everyone in this forum just for the time and effort you put into this. Awesomeness equals size in this case . Onto helpful comments , I think you should change the blue turbo/thruster/nitro/idontknowwhattheycallit thing , you can make something much better judging from the rest of the moc . Anyway , the flaw is trivial , and apart from that , the moc is outstanding . Keep up the good work Horsleben !
  10. Kendo

    My first creation

    I uploaded it myself so I told you my opinion , but lets just write it down . It's surprisingly good and creative for a first creation , but you should work on your fig selection a bit ...
  11. Whoa . 100% accurate , sweet looking AND you're the only one to put a minifig hand and not a "real" one on Echo . Toltal win . Also , can you please give me a link for the arm decals that you use , I 'm making an Arf trooper , and it's the last thing I need ( of course I will give credit and put a link to your decals if you want to ). Thanks in advance Dutch !!
  12. Although the whole moc is stunning , the parts that immidiately got my attention are the two sails you made . I am familiar with the tecknique and have used it myself ( hey , I don't post all of my mocs here :P ) but it's a total win right there . Congrats .
  13. Nicely done mutley777 ! I really like the tree and that net's not bad at all ! Onto constructive criticism , I think you should work on the top of the tree and the rest of the forest a bit ....
  14. Kendo

    Darth Vader's TIE advanced x1

    Wow . Stunning . The best TIE advanced I've ever seen ( beats tlg's every day and is quite better than the other mocs out there ) . The only creative criticism I can give is that you may want to do something to make it clear where the place where the "body" of the ship ends , and the stand begins is - although it's awesome anyway). Congratulations .
  15. Kendo

    Your First Star Wars Set

    <font class="Apple-style-span" face="Arial">Aaah first Star Wars set .... What a memory .... Although I've been building LEGO since I can remember myself , and I began watching star wars really young as well , my first SW set was that 2003 X-Wing ( 437 pieces , 6 figs , only 40 euros ( if the same set was released this winter it would probably cost 70 ... <img src=""> ) it was a shock for me to even see the set , as I didn't even know LEGO an SW made sets together ( yeah , the place where I was buying LEGO wasn't the best .... ) . I had actually made some LSW of my own , using Draco Malfoy's hair ,orange legs etc for a pilot Luke and some plane and car sets to build a Snowspeeder .... It was definitely the happiest moment in my life ....</font>
  16. Kendo

    Tractor beam

    :O Outstanding moc Elander ! It is just like the scene to the smaller detail and remains an excellent moc aesthetically at the same time ! It's a shame you didn't build this when the ep IV CB was taking place , it would be a valuable addition ..... On to helpful criticism I believe the bridge should be a little shorter , although I only saw one ref pic , so I may be wrong
  17. Kendo

    [MOC] AT-RT V5

    Sorry I meant moc , but my laptop changed iti into mod ....
  18. Kendo

    Eternal Dusk

    Man , you never cease to maze us !!! The ship's perfect and I should probably say more about it , but what really caught my eye is this stunning crossbow you made . It's probably the best brick built weapon I've ever seen in my life ! Keep it up and you may get a nobel someday
  19. Kendo

    [MOC] AT-RT V5

    Dude that's one of the best mods that I've ever seen. It is both accurate and very nice looking in lego . The size is ideal in my opinion , and has some interesting techniques judging by its size ! All in all it's a huge win !!!!!
  20. Hi , my name is Labis , and I enjoy building lego star wars . Here is my flickr

  21. When I saw the title , I just thought " Doc building CW stuff ? Well that's something I'm gonna like " . Then I saw the moc , and I just thought " This must be the best microcsale mod I've ever seen " .... Congratulations BD , this is definitely in my top 3 favorite lego creations ever .
  22. It's actually the same thing I posted here , but here you are ... :(
  23. Last minute entry for the community build : Hey guys , just got back from vacation ( no computer , no Internet etc ) so this 5 minute build is the best I can provide , although I can promise for much better in the next community build . Again , I'm really sorry for this disappointing entry , it won't happen again ..... PS I may post what I was planning to build for this next week ....
  24. Last minute entry : Hey guys , just got back from vacation ( no computer , no Internet etc ) so this 5 minute build is the best I can provide , although I can promise for much better in the next community build . Again , I'm really sorry for this disappointing entry , it won't happen again ..... PS I may post what I was planning to build for this next week ....
  25. Kendo

    [MOC] 1:120 X-wing

    The whole moc is astonishing , but I will agree with BrickDoctor on the back part being the best.