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  1. Thanks Archie. I LOVE your platform. It reminds me of the landing pad from Return of the Jedi (which would be cool to actually recreate). Is it a lot of 2x10 bricks underneath all the tiles? Wouldn't happen to have an LDD file for it would you?
  2. I have the parts list in PDF form, but I've reached my allotted space for uploading things, so I can't add it to this thread anymore. I will have to create a dropbox or something for you to access.
  3. Thanks. I definitely like how it is topped off with smooth tiles. It also looks like it requires less pieces, which is a plus.
  4. Well, this guy took care of that for you :
  5. Schwizzle

    UCS Poe's X-Wing 10240 how the s-foils come together instead of laying on top of each other. I wasn't a fan of the offset design, still not completely, but seeing your mod puts it in a different light. If you're going to offset them, might as well have them be on the same plane when closed. What about you, did you like the offset when you first saw it? If you have the time, how about a profile shot from the side or the front?
  6. Schwizzle

    [MOD] Imperial Shuttle and two First order TIE

    Wow!! Fantastic job on the wings and showing it can be done. I would have tried to come up with it on my own, but not enough time to do it/experience getting mod's like this done! I did mod the stand from the UCS Tydirium shuttle set to better fit the 75094 shuttle. I've attached it in case you'd deem it worthy to use (not sure if it will still work with your shuttle after modding it). 75094 ucs stand final.lxf
  7. Okay, I think this is going to work pretty well. I modified the UCS Tydirium shuttle stand by shortening the vertical beams and modifying the platform to match the bottom of the shuttle. I borrowed from Lonestar's design for the section that goes into the recessed area under the shuttle; Lonestar's MOC page: http://www.mocpages....moc.php/413733 I had to remove the landing gear however for it to fit on there....which, the stand is meant for flight I think it looks better anyway. If I want to display it grounded I will add the gear back on. I've attached the LXF model for y'all to play with. If you come up with any more ideas, feel free to share! 1. 2. 3. 75094 ucs stand final.lxf
  8. Definitely like the white more. Will have to see if my local store has any white 2x6's.
  9. Well guys, I feel really silly. I totally forgot that it's a hinge plate on the bottom of the shuttle and can't be load bearing. It's because I never open it since I have R2 and C3PO on top of the hinge plate to make room for Luke and Leia. Will check out the stands from the UCS sets; thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions and sample images. I did think it was fragile, but I've heard of the clear bricks being used for stands before and I'm not sure exactly how "they" do it with such a fragile framework (rather nonexistent). I will have to research how long technic pieces get to get the height required, or just experiment with putting technic beams together.
  11. Hey everyone. I'm trying to design a custom stand for the new Tydirium shuttle, set 75094. One utilizes a 4x4 transparent column using transparent 1x2's with a 2x2 transparent blue core, and the other utilizes an H pattern with the sides of the H being the transparent 1x2's and the 2x2 core being a mix of black and transparent blue 1x2's. I have LXF files, but they are too big to upload both? Not sure how to get around that. I think I'm partial to the H pattern...but then I go back to seeing the square column as eye catching too, especially if I could work an LED or two into that stand. Thanks for any comments/suggestions! 1. 2. 3. 4.
  12. Thanks bataleon! That's high praise considering how awesome the UCS version is.
  13. Thanks! No problem. Its finished state is much more enjoyable for me as well. I got the new X-Wing from the Force Unleashed sets (Poe's X-Wing 75102), and I had to do a slight mod to it: the top wings are offset from the bottom wings (top wings back, bottom wings forward), and I couldn't stand them being like that, too much of a traditionalist I guess. It was easy to reposition the top wings further forward. Amazing how much more a model is enjoyable after you start learning/thinking about a different design.
  14. Ok, I finally got some time to take some pictures! Note the addition of Luke, C-3P0, and R2-D2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  15. I did finish the mod, but I haven't gotten any pics yet. Life got real, at warp seed: I have young kids that I needed to focus on more, and mom passed away recently too. Just haven't had the time, but I hope to have some soon!. I even modded the inside by getting rid of the thermal detonator crate so I could add in seats for C-3PO, R2, and Luke Skywalker (the Endor version). Thanks for doing the work on the underside. I wonder how much the wings would sag though if I do the bottom like what you did. Will just have to try it and find out.. Yep, love the cockpit more since I got it tiled. Doesn't look as proportionate, but oh well.... :-)