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    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Hey mate, I was also unable to locate a working link. I messaged you in October to ask for the file. Can you check your Eurobricks inbox? Thanks.
  2. Fantastic MOC. Is there an LDD file for this? I did not find one.
  3. Tyutyu

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I have also been toying around with a big diorama idea. I think having an open roof would make more sense for display. Using non Lego parts is tricky subject. I hate non Lego parts, but if they improve this much, on a model, I accept it. I love your custom mods. And as you said, we can all modify the model to our own liking. Still don't have time to check your file, but just looking forward to working with it fills me with excitement :) I like the fact that you uploaded to pics to flickr, as I'm there every day, hunting for pics to save. Thank you again for your work and time invested in this.
  4. Tyutyu

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    The link to the album does not seem to work, however I was able to locate the pics on Flickr. Great stuff. I hope I can add my brick built canopy and my prefered nose design to this :)
  5. Tyutyu

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Can't wait. I just finished 2 mech projects so I am free to concentrate on this again. Will you be adding the pictures to your Flickr account?
  6. Tyutyu

    [LDD MOC] E-Wing

    This is my first post here, so Greetings everyone! I have been salivating on the Mocs I have seen here for years. Had trouble getting LDD to work for 3(!!!) years. One day I was playing a game when the unused LDD popped up from nowhere and it runs fine ever since I have seen some fantastic X-Wings but not much love for the E-Wing, so I gave it shot. This is my first ever LDD Moc and probably my 4th in total, so all input is welcome. I still have trouble getting LDD to do what I want sometimes. About my E-Wing: I love both the old blocky and the more recent E-wing designs on the internet, so I tried to go somewhere down the middle road. I understand if design purists don't like my approach. My primary goal was to build a display (UCS?) model, but when I finished the external design, I wanted working internals as well for playability and swooshability. Something UCS models don't allow... After adding all the internals I had to redesign the whole exterior again, to make it strong enough. I tried to design my E-wing with the available parts that I have at home, so that was a huge limiting factor for both the parts and the color scheme. I'm sure I could improve the model if I plan to bricklink the missing parts. Features: -Functional landing gears -Storage compartment (Rear) -Generator compartment (Mid section) .2 generators can be pulled out of the craft -Droid compartment (Mid section). Droid can be pulled out of the craft after elevating the whole turret assembly -Rotateable and elevable turret (Above droid compartment) -Wings can be level for landing mode or dropped for flight mode -Internal Torpedo storage for 6 Proton torpedoes (Behind the pilot) -Reallstic cockpit design -Realistic thruster design with build in LED lighting powered by 2032 Battery for when the Star Wars fan friend come over for a beer Features that I had to drop because I was unable to solve it: -Joystick for the pilot -Loading arm for the proton torpedoes Future plans. I want to build the model as it stands now and keep improving it as new ideas, building techniques and part become available in the future. I would like to use everything I learned here to make my own X-Wing
  7. Tyutyu


    Fantastic. Reminds me of Battletech mech designs. Here is the Battletech Raven:
  8. I'm also a huge fan of Robotech and I love Daikoncat's model. I have already collected all the required external parts, but I got stuck figuring out the internals. Would you be willing to share your LDD file? Cheers.
  9. Tyutyu

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Hi Cehnot, Saw your reply here and on Flickr. Thank you for your kind words. Don't worry about me. You don't owe me anything. It is the other way around. I am grateful for everything you have done. Without your work and passion with this model, I would not have started work on making modifications to your original version. Even now that I am stuck with my version, it was a nice experience working with your model. If you updated the LDD file with the changes you made, I would like to check it, if you plan to share it. Keep it up and thank you for your effort. Cheers, Tyutyu
  10. Tyutyu

    [MOC] Fallout Vault entrance WIP

    Listening to Fallout 1 OST so finding your post is cool. Looks great so far. Don't let anything stop you. I will be back for updates :)
  11. Tyutyu

    [MOC] The Road Runner

    I love mechs. This is brilliant as I have never seen anything even close to this in design. Is this an original design? What was your inspiration? Cheers
  12. Tyutyu

    [MOC/Mod] E-Wing Escort Starfighter

    I love it! I always wanted to shrink my E-Wing to this size but I never got too it because I was afraid it would lose too much detail.
  13. Tyutyu

    [MOC] Platipus Class Imperial Shuttle

    I had 6 cylinder pieces and a Jek-14 Starfighter missing 30% of its parts at my disposal. The available parts determine(d) the color if I ever get to built this with real bricks. I agree that it could be polished. I spent a day trying to improve it but it just got worse so for now Iam stuck with this :) If I build this, the missile pods will look great. Sadly LDD does not support what I had in mind.
  14. The Platipus Class Imperial Shuttle never saw extensive service. It was designed to be slightly smaller than the Tydirium Class with heavy missile armament, but its dependency on supply lines quickly got the project cancelled after a handful of them saw limited action against pirate raiders. The foot soldiers liked it because it was a mix between a Tank Buster and a Transport vehicle ( MI-24 Hind wink wink ) I wanted to design something that had the marks of a Star Wars craft with added shapes inspired by real life animals (Platipus) and aquatic insects (Water beetle) with a Tie Advanced jammed in there :D The craft has no internals. It is just for display. Feedback is welcome
  15. Tyutyu

    [MOC/Mod] E-Wing Escort Starfighter

    Very good improvements over your first versions. The new nose and the dark greay side grills under the cockpit look very good but I can see you have almost changed everything. Keep it up! I love my E-wing. I never finished it fully, but its my favorite shelf display item. I am hard at work with my X-wing but after that I want to revisit my E-wing. Externally I don' t want to change much. Internally only the nose section is good and strong, though it looks weak. The rear however needs a redesign to make it strong. The front section and the rear section is a separate module connected by 6 technic pins + plates on top. Strongest connection I ever made lol.
  16. Tyutyu

    [MOC/Mod] E-Wing Escort Starfighter

    Hi Moppo! E-wing is my favorite craft as well. Nice build. I prefer the other E-wing designs out there that were sold as model kits. I based my E-wing on the Model kits but I added my style to it also. You can find it here: Cheers
  17. Tyutyu

    Oh no, another T65 x-wing!

    I mostly look at my MOCs so durability is nice to have but not high priority. Sure if you need to make it strong, then your model Flandy is perfect by the looks of it. I am not saying I am happy with brick built open air flimsy cockpits but it is the only way I can get the angles that I am aiming for and I am crazy for them angles :) I am on the same page as you kibosh, I am just not happy with TLG's X-Wing cockpits/canopys so far. The UCS cockpit was the better one of the uglies and now we have the UCS shape in minifig scale too but I still don't understand how could TLG stay with the shape that has opposite angles from the front and top view compared to the real thing. From the side view it is ok but still not perfect. Flandy you can check my wip X-wing and other Star Wars stuff here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/137178302@N07/
  18. Tyutyu

    Oh no, another T65 x-wing!

    I did not like it at first. I looked at it again and I changed my mind. Some elements of your model are very nice but the parts that I don't like still kill it for me as a whole In my opinion changing these would improve the model: - Canopy piece. Lego got the angles all wrong. Even a brick built canopy looks better. -The big wedge pieces that cover the sides of the middle body are a good idea but I think your model is too small for this piece to work -The nose cone. This official lego nose cone is terrible. Its too flat and too wide. My brick build nose cone has its issues as well but it still work better on any minifig scale X-wing.
  19. Tyutyu

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    My version is slowly coming together. After the wing mod which can be done using a lot (80%) of 9493 parts, I tried the same approach with the gun pods. I made 2 versions. One with about 40% 9493 parts and another with about 60% taken from the 9493. The 40% version is more color accurate with all Light Bley, while the 60% version is a mix of Dark Bley and Light Bley, but more "free" parts if you already own a 9493 At the moment I don't see any more sections where I could squeeze in more 9493 parts while keeping the current shapes but I will keep my eyes open in my next LDD session. Edit: I also just found out that a huge chunk of missing parts (Curved sloped belly, tiles, engine intakes) are all there in my Imperial Shuttle Tydirium set (75094)
  20. Tyutyu

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Thank for addressing caboosforlife's question Gray_Mouser. Real life matters are not letting me spend as much time with this topis as I would like. My version wing is just a visually improved 9493 wing, but I have not yet attached it to the hinges that make up the center axis so I don't know if the connection will be as strong as I want. If you guys manage to figure it out faster or in a better way, I will gladly steal...er emulate the design I will also try to get back to this asap. I like the way you say its your fault. I am all hats off for everyones involment in this. If faults got us here then I welcome them. Lets see more of them :)
  21. Tyutyu

    [MOC] Rebel U-wing from Rogue One

    Lovely model. The best U-wing that Iam aware of.
  22. Tyutyu

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    New wing design. The left side wing is my own. The right side wing is Cehnot's wing. His wing is made of a ton of tiny parts. Mine is only 3 big plates + tiles on top. It might not be as movie accurate, but it will be strong so if my kids knock it over, it will be easy to rebuild it. The other reason is to use as many parts from my existing Lego 9493 X-wing as possible to cut the price a bit.
  23. Tyutyu

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Although I love the model as it is, I have started to dumb it down to save cash and to use parts that I already payed for once .I would like to use as many parts from my 9493 as possible. I am hoping that the use of 30355 / 30356 will give a more solid wing structure while the shape change is hardly visible. With the use of a single 58181 per wing, I am able to substitute a ton of parts.
  24. Tyutyu

    MOC Robotech/ Macross VF-1a/s Battroid mode

    That VF-1 looks fantastic. Are you willing to share the LDD file or are you planning to sell it? Im a huge Mech (Robotech, Mechwarrior) fan. Cheers