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  1. Tembets

    [MOC] Interstellar Ranger (and more)

    Bumping to add links to (free) instructions I made for this model. If you have any trouble assembling the model, please let me know. The one mistake I know of in the instructions is for modules 11/12 the white 1x2x2 slope should be facing the other way so the straight end is facing the other way. Imgur (JPEG album) Google Drive (downloadable PDF)
  2. Tembets

    [MOC] Interstellar Ranger (and more)

    Thanks for the comments Nathan and Laura! It seats 4 minifigures plus TARS just like in the film. You can kind of see the cabin with the seating in this picture here: Ranger by Tembets, on Flickr And here's the underside if anyone was curious: Ranger by Tembets, on Flickr
  3. Interstellar was one of my favorite films from the past five years. After I first saw it, I tried to build the Ranger spacecraft, but was stumped by all the shallow angles and gave up. I finally returned to it this summer and managed to finish it up. It's not perfect but it swooshes quite well, so I'm happy with it. Those aren't mountains by Tembets, on Flickr One of the things I did differently on my second attempt was to mask the windows in with stickers (the front ones are masked in over a 1x6x5 panel and a pair of 1x4x3 window) because at minifigure scale there was just no way for me to capture all the little angles in bricks in a way that I was happy with. This also freed up some space to work on the shaping around the fuselage. Ranger by Tembets, on Flickr In the film, the front landing gear extends out from under the winglets at an angle. I managed to more or less capture this with a bar supported by a droid arm that can fold down to land, or up and under the winglets for flight. The rear hatch can swing down, and there is a second set of sliding doors that isolate the cabin from the outside. Ranger by Tembets, on Flickr Figures from left to right: Cooper, Brand, Romilly, Doyle, TARS, Mann. I didn't have access to Illustrator or anything at the time, so I ended up making all the stickers in powerpoint Endurance by Tembets, on Flickr And as a little bonus, I made the Endurance spacecraft as well as part of a short video I did of this MOC (below). The Ranger is also posted to LEGO Ideas if you are interested, thanks for checking my MOC out!
  4. Tembets

    [M-B08] Collecting Awesomnium

    Excellent scene. I kinda regretted picking up what probably amounts to 1000 of those olive cheeses from PAB (ha) but you definitely proved here that they can be used en masse for some interesting landscapes.
  5. Tembets

    Attack of the Crazed Crusader

    Heh. I like your style, good donation!
  6. Tembets

    [MOC] Auto Garage

    Nice, very well rounded creation with good exterior and interior. I especially like how clean and classic it looks with the doors down from the outside (like on the video thumbnail)
  7. Tembets

    My first MOC: 1:30 Krupp Knapsack 0-6-0T

    Wow, everything about this is great! You captured the shaping and details very well.
  8. Tembets

    [MOC] SHIPtember: Astra Luminaria

    Whoa. Incredible, and still cant believe you did all that with no technic to support it. The light really does give it a sense of this massive inner core
  9. Tembets

    [O - E11] I believe I can fly

    Funny as always. Great vehicles too, your building style really compliments the stories you tell.
  10. Tembets

    [MOC] Water Depot

    Nice diorama. The sliding bricks wedged between the upside-down hinge plates create an interesting texture.
  11. Looks excellent, lots of NPUs and you played the colors well. Love those chunky troop carriers too.
  12. Tembets

    [M - C10] Drone Hunting

    That strike fighter is excellent, looks very aggressive. Nice!
  13. Tembets

    [MOC] Shiptember - Pride of Hiigara

    I think you pulled off the colour scheme wonderfully the bits of yellow definitely add to it. The shape is very interesting too, nice job!