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    George Lucas Mini Figure

    Well mine did not come from "Christo7108", I can assure you of that.
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    George Lucas Mini Figure

    After finding out as much as can about 'George' my mini-figure, it turns out he really is rather rare. As you can see from my previous photo's he is in perfect condition and exactly matches the pictures in the visual dictionary. If anyone would like to make me an offer to buy him, in UK £, I will seriously consider it. Why am I thinking about selling him, well I don’t collect Star Wars Lego, and all he’s doing is sat on my desk looking out of place with my collection of 3¾” figures
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    George Lucas Mini Figure

    How did I get it. I collect the normal 3 3/4 “ Star Wars figures and was searching on e-bay for a George Lucas one, they’ve done 2, one of him as a stormtrooper and one as an X-Wing pilot. I did my search and found a few of the above but also had this little chap appear. I liked the look of him, the kids love the Lego mini figures so I thought I’d bid and got him. The seller said they were from Billund, I'd heard of Billund but couldn't remember where, when the packet arrived it was post marked Billund. This is where my research into him started. Eventually I found the FBTB page, then when I saw him in the visual directory it thought I’d start asking questions. The kids don’t have him any more and luckily he isn’t chewed or marked, the photo’s were taken yesterday (Fri 29th Oct). I went back to my E-Bay records as I couldn’t believe how much I had got him for and found that he’d been listed under collectables with no reference of Lego, Star Wars, mini-figure or anything like that in the title, I think that’s why he only appeared when I did a search for George Lucas, and very few other people found him.
  4. I've allready posted this on another site and thought i would try here: Hi, I’m new on here, before I start this is not a wind up or con. I am a Star wars fan in the UK and have some Lego sets but it’s my kids who are really into it, they love it. Earlier this year I acquired a George Lucas mini figure directly from Billund which I promptly gave to my kids. Move forward 6 months and my kids get a copy of the Star Wars visual directory, I thought it was really interesting and upon looking through it shows the George Lucas figure as a pre production example. I just wondered if any one knows how many of these Lego would have produced and do I need to get it back of the kids and look after it or even get it on E-Bay. The figure exactly matches the one in the visual directory and the one on this site, that's how I found the site by doing a Google search for this figure in trying to find out more about it. I can provide pictures if required. Pictures here: Many thanks,