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    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    We now have a 4th set (5th?) using the new roller coaster parts. 41347-1: Heartlake City Resort has RC parts forming a monorail These are grey, so not a new color. Thank God. I might get one of these to add the parts to the pirate RC, but maybe not as I don't see any that aren't already in there. I'm seriously considering buying about 4 Pirate RC's and using all the pirate bits to turn the big coaster into a huge pirate coaster. Also, the pirate tree house 3-in-1 set would work for that as well. So, we have RC parts in - The Joker manor (purple), The big coaster (red), the pirate coaster (grey), Heartlake city resort (grey), and I think the Black Panther set with the mine car is the same pieces as well (grey). Am I missing anything? 41456-1: Unikingdom Fairground Fun has purple 41352-1: The Big Race Day as grey so, lots of sets using the RC parts.
  2. turk187

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Now we have 3 coaster sets, Wayne manner (purple), Pirate coaster (gery), and this one (red). Am I missing any? I wish they had just picked one color and stuck with it. Would have made it easier to integrate sets. I wonder how many pirate coasters you'd have to buy to have the same number of track pieces.
  3. The conservatory really adds to the Victorian steam-punky vibe of a good mad scientist lab. The window printing works, but these two https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=18675pb09#T=S&C=13&O={"color":13,"iconly":0} or, https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=18675pb03#T=S&C=13&O={"color":13,"iconly":0} might be better.
  4. I like the blue better than the yellow. Looks more like a real building. I get what you mean about cost, sand blue bricks tend to be more expensive. I still think the back of the top floor should be grey brick for the real "mad scientist" lab feeling. But, do what makes YOU happy. Don't try and please all of us. Replacing the window from the original with a non-printed one is definitely the way to go as the printed one is very iconic and related to Dr Strange. Is this going to be a stand-alone building, or stacked next to other modulars? The chimney will make it set apart if you're planning on setting it with some others. I'm looking at building 2 modulars from mine, one will be Dr Strange's house based on the 10218 Brownstone, and the other will be peters building based on the pet store with the pizza parlor on the ground floor. But I'm going to give the second building a different facade with the tan brick and fire escapes being the back of the building. Now, I just have to find the time to start building this. Need to scrap some of my half-finished buildings for parts.
  5. I think the back wall would still have plenty of yellow if you changed the top floor. But, it's your building.
  6. I like this. But, I'd make it a modular type with removable levels as opposed to an opening building. But, that's just me. Also, you should make the back wall of the top floor grey, sprinkling in Grey masonry bricks for texture. That would give it the old black & white Frankenstien lab feel. Maybe even go as far as to include Frankenstein's monster on the slab.
  7. Its a unique enough item that I'm planning on getting one, and has enough interesting pieces that I might get 2. But, even though it has a price per part of 7 cents, since 280 of those parts are just 1x1 rounds it actually seems a little pricey. I'd have felt it was a better price at about 59.99.
  8. You're obviously paying much closer attention to this stuff than I am. I just build them and stick them on my shelf.
  9. Your review has images where you compare the LID figure with the CMF figure but you never show or mention a head swap. TLG should have just left out the black head when they saw the result, its a mark against them, but they rarely make mistakes like this.
  10. Don't let that head put you off. I switched out the head for her CMF figure and it fits in fine. The black was unnecessary. The rest of the set is fine.
  11. turk187

    [MOD] The Joker Manor motorized

    This is great. Could you provide a parts list? I know I don't have most of these bits that I can see and I'm not sure what to get to duplicate this.
  12. I'm looking to add a camera to a Lego train. Does anyone have suggestions about how to go about it? I don't just want to stack a go-pro on the top, I'd like to do something more creative. There are cheap wireless spy cams on ebay that might work well. I would welcome any ideas.
  13. turk187

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I'm not really sold on the left hand side. It might look better next to the Parisian restaurant.
  14. turk187

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I got the "making of the movie" book today from Amazon. Wonderful book, so full of ideas. Also got the Garmadon, Garmadon, Garmadon set, the Piranha Attack set and the Volcano Lair set. My week is full to bursting.
  15. I just got mine today. Its a good set overall, but the Dragon Lady figure is a disappointment. clearly they tried printing the yellow face onto the black head and it wasn't thick enough on top of the black base.