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  1. OldVagrant

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    No worries there. It's pretty much guaranteed that they'll ride the December hype wave. I dearly hope for sets with great amounts of the new troopers. This battlepack would be ideal and a must.
  2. OldVagrant

    Slave vs Slave

    Wow... It's really fantastic. There goes my money now... And it's been way to much money already. This is bad.
  3. OldVagrant

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Mostly aesthetic reasons, like posing in my AT-ST MOC. 10 to 20 should do, since I'll also use them to play-test a tabletop tactics game of mine in dev. Right, another issue would surely be to wait for new ones to come out. But that seems kind of unlikely, since the coming sets will deal mostly (And fortunately) with Ep. VII material... Something I'm more than happy to accept. (I like the new Stormtrooper design.) So, maybe these will be the only classic triology Snowies we'll get for a long time. I think I'll start buying soon then~
  4. OldVagrant

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I like Imperial Snowtroopers. Alot. Especially now with the Battlefront hype. Oh yes. I've got as many as 9 of the Lego minifig Snowies at this time, and I think that's enough for me and my MOC's for photographs and scene making. But here's the deal; I see that a new variation is out. Mine are the old ones, the latest ones from before, with the helmet stuck to the backpack in a single piece. Leg joint in new gray color, arms in white. But these new ones, are they aesthetically worth it? It's a bit of a challenge to choose. In one hand, I seem to like the new helmet and skirt cloth piece. On the other, I particularly hate the cheap, brick-built backpack. At least they get a printed tile, yeah? Not to mention I can only get one in the Rebel Snowspeeder set, and three in the AT-AT. Might just order them separately online. But again, are they worth it? Where do you stand? It's a bit annoying seeing as these ''updates'' come all too often. Once I saw those updated TIE pilots that came with the Microfighters, I had to damn all my old pilots to oblivion. Obsolete, now, in my eyes. Annoying and yet delicious because I can't help but fall for all those new sexy details.
  5. OldVagrant

    Moc builders vs Collectors, Lego civil war!

    Sets can be fun for a while. But building/creating and following instructions are two entire worlds. And if you're talented, those sorry set models never ever reach the level of amazing of a well done and sharp MOC. Not even those expensive UCS. By all means, tear em' open. Oh, hello forums~