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  1. Ostrich

    • The second of two things I built the last time I had access to my collection.
  2. The Condemned

    • First thing I've built in two years.
  3. 2016 Action Figure Wishlist

    Organic looking shells/shell ad-ons. Bring back the creature vibe from 2007.
  4. I loved 2007. So much. Perfect execution of the environment. Each villain was unique and had awesomely organic armoring, which was not only amazing piece-wise, but stood out from every other line that had been or would be produced. It felt to my young self like I was looking at something that normally wouldn't have gotten past a prototype stage. Plus, I loved the idea of Matoro being the hero. It was a nice change from the macho-fire-guy-wins-the-day trope that had existed up until then.
  5. Constraction custom parts

    That…makes a lot of sense actually. Some variations on the hand would still be nice though IMO.
  6. Constraction custom parts

    Seriously why won't LEGO make a part as beautiful as this? Wonderful job Leewan. A little bit of smoothing and they'd look official. I'm actually considering breaking my vow of purist-ism to use one of them. COME ON LEGO
  7. MOC: Cetro, Master of Acid

  8. MOC: Cetro, Master of Acid

    That shoulder armor is genius, and your torso armoring in general is really skillful. The lack of complete armoring (due to CCBS) is a mild annoyance, but overlookable for the fantastic color palette and design.

    "Security measures of every kind imaginable. Lasers! Sharks! Laser Sharks!" -Metalbeard's Built for a contest on BZP. The challenge was to create something from the LEGO Movie with constraction parts. Comments, criticism and votes (especially votes) are much appreciated.
  10. Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I called the Mall of America store and they said that the second waves sets aren't in, and they have no indication of when they'll be arriving.
  11. Constraction custom parts

    I like the general design, but what's with the stuff on the back of the hand? Does it serve some purpose that I am blissfully unaware of? Apart from that, I love the slight arc for the attachment points of the "main" fingers and the angle of the thumb.
  12. I've been a member of BZP for a while and finally decided to join Eurobricks in a rather spur-of-the-moment fashion. I'm known as Paleo on BZP and PaleoBricks on Flickr and Brickset. I'm primarily a constraction fusion builder, though I occasionally dabble in some system.