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  1. Mister N

    [MOC] Nidhiki the Fallen Toa

    Thank you)
  2. "Toa... so dramatic. This time, your farewell will be forever, brother." — Nidhiki to Lhikan Hello, guys! Here is my new bonkle MOC. And yeah, it's Metru Nui revamp again, like my last year's Rorzahk. The nostalgia for the Dark Hunters recently returned to the Russian Bio-community and I couldn't resist) It may be interesting to continue to develop this concept of dark anti-utopian version of Metru Nui. What do you think?
  3. My entry for Galidor Glinch Royale Competition on EuroBricks. Dear Lego, I've been waiting a Galidor and Portal 2 crossover more then 10 years.
  4. My Euripide's reimagine for Galidor Glinch Royale Competition on EuroBricks. And yeah, this is the Gorm's head. Galidor's new Netflix serial with R-rating looks great) Euripides - The Scholar of the Royal Court of Galidor. He is a large anthropomorphic frog called the Amphibib and is the last of his species. Euripides is Nicholas's advisor and capable of telekinesis with his staff and limited heat generation. In my headcanon there is a fly named Aristotle (more pholosophers names in Galidor!) living in his staff. Despite the fact that this is an ordinary fly, Euripides often talks to him and considers Aristotle his best friend.
  5. Surrender or run! Hello, guys! I'd like to join to the "Metru Nui patrol" party on Flickr with my revamp of one cool black policeman. This is my dark Sci-Fi version of my first BIONICLE set) I know that robots doesn't have tongues, but... c'mon. It's Biological Chronicles. Why Nuparu can't build a partly organic monster with long tongue like Venom or Alien?) And yeah, it can transform into spider like original set. But in this mode its insectoid back looks strange... I hope you like this! Good luck and please, don't break the law)
  6. Mister N

    Metru Nui Chutes System

    Hello everyone! Today I would like to present you my little project, M.N.C.S. (Metru Nui Chutes System). Each of us has heard about the chutes of the City of Legends. And I've always imagined how looks the real map of this fantastic "subway". Where are some lines and how to come, for example, from the school of Ga-Metru to your friend, if he works in the Great Archives in Onu-Metru? A small atmospheric picture. And now... This is a map of chutes. It looks like another subway maps. And I think, that the official picture can't present us the fullest scale of the legendary tubes. But now it is possible to travel the route in your imagination throught the City of Legends. It was made in Visio Pro and Photoshop. The bigger version you can find in spoiler. And there are a posters that can be hanging in Chutes Stations of MNCS. The bigger version you can find in spoiler. Again. That's all. And I'm so sorry for my English, because I'm from Russia( Enjoy!
  7. Hello! I would like to show you my own vision of the Fallen Mask Maker (pictures are clickable). In this design I wanted to include elements of Aztec and Mayan cultures. And my Makuta looks like the Gods or shamans of those times (Horned Helmet, Scull Amulet (hi, Scull Creatures!) and etc). Additionaly the Herald of Solar Eclipse have any elements of the Okotan culture (Golden Armor, elemental crystal Hammer, etc). As other Masters of Elements, Makuta has his own elemental creature, Kraven (from "Kra-" (matoran stem "elemental shadow") and "raven"). Thanks for taking a look and may shadow be with you!
  8. Mister N

    Moc: Sword of Blizzard

    The Sword of Blizzard is an ancient mighty weapon, wich was lost a long time ago. With a little help of magic Blue Stone, wich was called "Mordok's Eye", you can control the weather... The Mordok's Eye. Thanks for watching.
  9. Mister N

    Headhunter - Kohiwi.

    Oh, it's very interesting character. His biography is so cool! I like his "bio-style"! That looks awesome!;)
  10. Mister N

    [MOC] Inside Out: Anger

    Thank you, guys!:) I plan to build other emotions. For example, this is my new MOC - Fear:
  11. Mister N

    [MOC] Inside Out: Anger

    Hello, everyone! This is Arger from Disney Pixar's Inside Out movie! My happy build is based on this poster: http://www.kinonews.ru/insimgs/poster/poster48372_3.jpg You can see this MOC on Flickr
  12. Mister N

    MOC: Firefly

    This is a stand for my firefly. Thanks!:)
  13. Mister N

    MOC: Firefly

    Hello, everyone! This little firefly was made for one project on RFFL - http://phantoms.su/t...-spiskom-rabot/ More pictures and information you can see here, on Flickr - https://www.flickr.c...157651940216785
  14. Hello, everyone! This is my first Action Figure MOC! Special for "Urbem-Nui" project: http://phantoms.su/t...-spiskom-rabot/ More fotos and information here Thats all, folks!