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  1. Hi guys, Here's my latest MOC - Grand Central Terminal! Hope you enjoy the detail jam-packed into this MOC. It's up on Ideas. Dozens of photos and a time lapse video here Grand Central Terminal on IDEAS. PS - Why is the max total size for an image upload set at 100KB??? At that limit, I can barely get one thumbnail in.
  2. Speshy

    [MOC] Adriatic Dream

    Thank you Brick Curve! Also, stay tuned on the project page for an update--I recently passed the 1,000 mark so I'm going to post more photos of details, possibly as early as tomorrow.
  3. Speshy

    Hanging Gardens

    This is so beautiful! Really gets the imagination going. Every tiny detail looks well thought out. Thanks for sharing
  4. Speshy

    [MOC] Hyrule Castle

    Excellent presentation, and unique texturing techniques! If only TLG would support Zelda...
  5. Speshy

    MOC ancient castle ruins

    Very cool! I like the transitions from one area to the next.
  6. Speshy

    [MOC] Adriatic Dream

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback, guys! I'm glad you're recognizing details that I thought out carefully. The facades especially were a focus of my design energy. I can honestly declare every detail on this piece was enjoyable to design and execute, and it would be difficult for me to better this design without an unlimited palette. Yes, the water.. perhaps a little wave action against the rocks would be nice, but at a scale of 1 stud width = approx. 3 feet, even wave detail would be very small. After all, I'm trying to depict tranquil seas for the location of this villa.
  7. Speshy

    [MOC] Adriatic Dream

    Thank you for the comments, guys! I admit, I did not put any effort into the sea itself. I know the possibilities are unlimited in terms of modeling water, so I wanted to focus on the island and house. Adding detail to the water (and increasing the area of water) are must-do's if it is to be displayed somewhere. As for Porco Rosso, I actually have already designed the Savoia S21 twice now, and one of them is built. I'd like to take a third go around before I show it off. Thanks again! I will post more pics after I reach certain support milestones
  8. Hi guys, To me this MOC fits within a historical theme of sorts, albeit with a bit of a fantastical twist. It's a project I'm calling Adriatic Dream, and it's a dream home inspired by the Venetian towns and homes that dot the coasts of the Adriatic Sea. There's also inspiration from my own dreams, and the whole design comes straight from my imagination. Porco Rosoo is an inspiration as well. It's also up on Ideas, for your consideration: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/137175 Would love to hear your feedback. K
  9. Speshy

    [MOC] Winter in the Woods

    Haha, fair enough. I did join a while back to promote something - can't remember. Since then, though, I've mostly come to EB to look at beautiful builds. I've found EB to have the highest proportion of high quality builds to overall builds of all the fan sites out there. Thought I'd add one more this time :)
  10. Speshy

    [MOC] Winter in the Woods

    Thanks for the comment. Not sure where this came from. Although I'm not too active on EB, I have left feedback for other builds on this site.
  11. Speshy

    [MOC] Winter in the Woods

    Hi guys! For your consideration, I've created a set I'm calling "Winter in the Woods", and put it up on LEGO Ideas. It's modeled in a similar fashion to the Winter Village series, albeit with a little more focus on the environment than the building. It's still chock full of charm, humor, and unique building techniques. If it tickles your fancy, I'd love to have your support on Ideas: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/131627 More images can be found on my flickr page: https://www.flickr.c...otos/needslego/ Thanks for checking it out. I look forward to your feedback. K
  12. Speshy

    howls moving castle

    Hey guys, I'm the creator of the Howl's Moving Castle MOC that bighappysmiles shared. Thanks for sharing! The project may be dead, but the model is alive and well, resting on my shelf in my office. Anyway, check out the updates side of the project for a MUCH better model - redesigned and actually built, as opposed to the LDD design on the front page. You'll also catch some scenes of the build in progress. https://ideas.lego.c...s/37352/updates Good luck with your detailed HMC. My very-small-scaled model took about 800 pieces to build, so no doubt you're in for a treat / challenge. Let me konw if you need some input regarding the challenges of designing a HMC. As for your question, I'd say start by choosing a scale based on the amount of detail you want / are able to incorporate on the interior, and work out from there. But, don't build it that way. The build will require a lot of planning, especially because the castle looks so different between various scenes in the movie (perhaps a nod to the fact that it is after all an assemblage of moving junk parts loosely held together), so settling on a layout of hte spaces is hard enough. I'm sure the build will be very rewarding, though, since there is very little repetition throughout. I have another Ghibli project near completion (no, not the Laputian Robot that is my profile pic--that's another dead IDEAS project), and I'll post when it's done. K
  13. Speshy

    [MOC] Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

    Marvelous! I can't imagine a better iteration of Lumiere in LEGO. Well done.
  14. Are we talking limited edition in-game minifigs? I might be interested. I work 10 minutes away (NYC)