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  1. placidsheep

    Greetings from sunny Wales

    Thanks @leafan I appreciate the Welsh language welcome too. Will be sticking around.
  2. placidsheep

    10264 Corner Garage

    Initially it doesn't look like it sits well with the sloped front making it feel offish. But having looked at the photos several times now it, I am slowly warming to it. It will be an instant buy on new years day for me and the wife anyway so it will have more time to grow on me!!
  3. placidsheep

    Greetings from sunny Wales

    Just wanted to introduce myself... I've been a lurker for some time watching the MOC train pages. I love all of the designs people do!! I am 31 year old AFOL from Wales UK. I collect pretty much any Lego but tend to focus mostly on Trains and Modulars. I will do a MOC one day of a train and possibly a modular.
  4. placidsheep

    What are you listening to?

    Currently Will Smith - 2K Just one of those moods. :D
  5. placidsheep

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Fed up of lurking.. thought id pop my head out to say I cannot wait for the unveil.
  6. placidsheep

    Lego 4002016 - Limited Edition Employee Gift

    Whats to say the person that had three units in a shipping box wasn't selling his friends sets for them too? Not sure im a massive fan of this set though.. it looks nice but I could never pay the asking price for it.