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    11.1 volt lipo on 9v motor

    Like this you know what i mean people keep saying it cant run on 11,1 v! But i have it a long time now and still no problems so acept that it can be done please. Phili something cant remember the name used it on 12 volts . Point is it works people say i migt volunteer to demolis it with my idea 11,1 v But they dont do it or they find out it works fine and keep it for them selfs thats ignorend. No one sayd ,good idea onley noo you cant ,its dangerous ,i call that wanking. Dit enyone try'd it?who as saying willing to do it? nooo no revieuws about that. Thats charming k.m.a
  2. Hahaha youre so funny. If you can read i did that for a while know an no burning so if you dont try than dont whine! Stil works fine and fast after a lot of months.
  3. rien

    11.1 volt lipo on 9v motor

    Nice to see some one else using 11.1 v I run it on 11,1v for a long time now and still no problems with motor or recivers so everyone who crying about it dont be smart you arent! Runs goot better than lego,s desing mine is a jurgen krooshoop desing aswel keep that in mind its not onley the lipo who make it strong the desing take some credits for it too Hope you enjoy the real powerrr
  4. had email contact with the man but he has the problem of rights from lego to atach te system on to lego they dont sell them to connet to lego
  5. thnx for the info D dint know that!
  6. rien

    8043 real life machine.

    samsung volvo is the same thing volvo build the samsung the one i showed is a older type i choose this one because of the cab rounding in it
  7. rien

    8043 real life machine.

    i touhgt that one 2 but i think a bit too short and the cab class isent round but the collors are almost the same
  8. rien

    8043 real life machine.

    i worked on one like this the cab remindet me about it and here another sweetheart out of my past the 8265 make me think about this one
  9. rien

    No building for a while

    but it dit damn~!
  10. rien

    No building for a while

    good to hear youre okay m8 and youre fam good luck with it all
  11. i love it great idea solex amazing now a kreidler? zundap:P
  12. rien

    Trailer for 8258

    looks verry nice i build the trailer from desinger han for the truck and 8043
  13. I realy realy like this creation dutch i see (zou m graag is in het echt zien) would like to see it in reallife greetz rien uit lelystad
  14. rien

    Lego Hydraulics

    thnx for the testing and sharing!! gone use it sometime for sure!