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  1. Purchased a Savage Opress and a Lando Skiffguard minifigures at a Brickfair this past weekend. The Lando figure is from 2012, but the head doesn't have pupils in the eyes.
  2. Picked up 75263, 75264, 2x 75266, 75270 and 2x 30461. I got both the 58 piece and the 60 piece versions of 30461.
  3. Got 75248, 75250, 75267 and 75273 with Walmart gift cards that I received for Christmas. Those won out over getting 10265, 75243, 75257 or 75272. Ordered pieces to improve the wing cannons on the new X-Wing and several black lightsaber handles and yellow blades, one pair for the Rey figure in the speeder chase set and the others for my son to use in his Jedi diorama. Also got my son 75269 at Target.
  4. Ordered 75255 Yoda from the LEGO website and got double points and the Obi-Wan 20th anniversary figure.
  5. Picked up 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City at the LEGO Store during VIP weekend. Double points and 30% off.
  6. had a very brief flash sale yesterday and I managed to get the UCS Y-Wing for 25% off. That's a great deal, where did you get it?
  7. Picked up 75254 at Walmart.
  8. Bought 75191 off of eBay for $75 plus tax and shipping.
  9. Got the new Kylo Ren Shuttle at the LEGO Store.
  10. Same happened to me, I hope n o t h i n g i s w r o n g w i t h t h e s e t s...
  11. Tried and failed to buy 75250 at one Walmart and 75255 at another.
  12. That's actually a good set, I enjoyed it a lot. I got it at a LEGO fair about 3-4 years ago for $75 US.
  13. JPN366

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    No break, just focus on things that have not been rendered in LEGO form yet. Or things that have not been done in a long time. There are plenty of ships, scenes and so on that haven't been made into sets before. I would love a yellow TIE Fighter or a B-Wing prototype from Rebels. There are many more things from Rebels, Clone Wars, Rogue One, Solo, Resistance and the 9 movies that can be done. Who wouldn't want a UCS Jango Slave I? That's what the theme needs, new stuff, not remakes or rehashes.
  14. Picked up the 2019 Star Wars Advent calender at Target for $32.99. I had to ask them to get it from the back, it was not on the shelves.