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    Designing & making LEGO. Playing my instrument, the Flute. Spending time with my brother. Clashing with Pirates in the Caribbean.Taking aim at traitors to the crown.


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  1. Cutlass Cole

    How Old are you?

    Good luck, OO7. ;-) I never knew you had a brother. Has anyone noticed Vader never uses smilies? X-O
  2. Cutlass Cole

    How Old are you?

    84 *yoda* The youngsters can post, just don't tell the President, OK? The law is broken so much, it dosn't matter. Not everyone lives in the USA. X-D
  3. Cutlass Cole

    The Black Pearl

    WHERE????!! I've been looking everywhere! I need a book like that AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! I know that. 8-| You where saying: 8 on the main deck, 6 on the qaurterdeck (Counting the the two swivel guns) , and 4 on the Forecastle. I don't see the word " Gun deck". :-P Also, I don't count the swival guns, realy...
  4. Cutlass Cole

    What are you listening to?

    Akon.I love Akon! I can somtime's relate it with real life on the radio. I just watched them sing it on American Idol. *y*
  5. Cutlass Cole

    The Battle of Thedo Isle.

    Some people just getting into the Pirate theme will not be familiar will all the set names, let alone their abbreviations. As you said, why would some person, how got a Pirate set, already jumped to a forum? BSB is well known,so they might know. I don't want to bug them with little ol' me. :-$
  6. Cutlass Cole

    7075 Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship

    "I was considering putting zero and 0.5 there as well, but the scale would be unbalanced then. So instead I put <=1 which means Less Than or Equal to 1 so it represents 1 and below. But perhaps you're right, I should have put: 0 - Shouldn't even be a set Too late now though... " Oh... I thought this: <=1 meant vote one! :-D :-D :-D It dosen't look to bad... the hull is floatable for Godness sake!
  7. Cutlass Cole

    unfair in the Arkham asylam

    This thread has alot of Vassal's here... But! The cell's are made to make as many as possible!( I like quanity over quality!) Do you think the joker, who tried to kill everone in Gotham, will be givin a larger cell? *wacko* ;-) X-D
  8. Cutlass Cole

    "Dead Men Tell No Tales" Vignette Contest - Discussion

    Mabye a in-depth description of the ride by someone would be very helpful... I could be a judge! I have heard about the ride, and on the first POTC movie bonus disk( 2 or 3) it has a history of the ride ( a little long). This is also for download on the intranet somewhere...
  9. Cutlass Cole

    The Battle of Thedo Isle.

    Why would they come if they just learn't about it? 8-| I wasn't saing you should do whatever you o to off-topic thread's, I was just stating it. But you have a good point. ;-) I'm ondering where people like Norrington and Exo-force are for this? They seem t exploit the thread. Edit:I'll fix the gap's soon. :skel1:
  10. Cutlass Cole

    My escort frigate (yes probably not an accurate description)

    I wish I had a ship like that! *wub* I don't have many piece's, so my Interceptor is so far brick-built... Can you show us a picture of them side too side?
  11. Cutlass Cole

    More than 1 account

    I was just stateing my opion, I saw someone do that gap thing before, so I did it.I see I belong in the Pirate thread... ( leaves topic ) *sweet*
  12. Cutlass Cole

    The Battle of Thedo Isle.

    The Carribbean Clipper and the Black Seas Barracuda are very well known, and any newcomer too the Forum well proubaly know them if they had the guts to post... But this is off-topic! This a story, not a "where-did-the-defination's go?" place, just make a new topic. *sad* I don't remember this: *sad* having a beard.
  13. Cutlass Cole

    More than 1 account

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... How is he?! Mabye he should ban himself! I find it disturbing these Admin's can change our post's... They could make me say somthing bad! I trust the Admin's as far as I can throw them. :-D
  14. Cutlass Cole


    Then what's with " Worst april fool's day joke?" You should realy consult your eye docter MR. Jipay.It would realy help. X-D
  15. Cutlass Cole

    More than 1 account

    Having multiple acount's isn't so bad, somone how isn't being treated like they think they should could do this.Like how some people say I spam,( I like too write quick message's ) I could try again, and reveal myself later.But I have no more then one acount.Vader should retype what he said, it's sounds a little mean.Not that you should. *vader* Edit: I'm actualy Jipay X-D *Edit by *vader* : No need for that big a gap NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!