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  1. DrJB, check out; it has the exact functionality that you are asking for. After you have uploaded all your sets and/or loose parts, you can then use the compare functionality to check which parts you are missing. It'll tell you: - which parts you have enough of or not - in what sets those parts are to be found - if not enough, it'll tell you how many - it'll also let you know if you have enough of a certain part but not in the correct color - you can make it differentiate between loose and set parts (say, if you only want to use loose parts and not set parts to make a certain moc) it can handle BSX (brickstore) files, bricklink inventories and bricklink xml wanted lists / rebrickable MOC files. I used it and it for the last partslist that's available for the Grove and for me it'll be about 50€ extra parts (apparently I already have a more PF parts then needed for this build ... )
  2. Strikeman

    10246 Detective's Office

    I don't know for sure, but I just saw the model built at Köln LEGO Shop, and I THINK that they're prints. If they're not, somebody has mad stickering skills. (click picture for larger) Once public, more shots in my gallery here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=549943
  3. Will be there on Saturday, after some AFOL shopping in the LEGO store at Wijnegem Shopping :-) And next week I'm going to FanFest Köln as well :-)
  4. Strikeman

    Another Modulair Layout

    The baseplates aren't elevated, but the "base" of the MOC has been elevated with 1 brick. This gives a few advantages; 1: the power required for the trains can be routed under then elevated base (see his pictures in first post) and he can make cool things like a plowed field / hole with exposed pipes (see his pictures in his last post) which are below the elevated base. if he hadn't elevated the base of the whole moc, this all wouldn't be possible / very much more difficult.
  5. Same here with the being busy (I just moved in the past weeks); I'm at 1/3th of the 9397 model now and hope to have it finished somewhere next week.
  6. More information about FanWelt, this time for people that'd like to exhibit ! You can download the exhibition forms via this post here: Please use your prefered translation service to help you understand what's in the documents as these documents are binding. Since the floor space for FanWelt will be a little bit smaller than last year, and in case the floor is full before the deadline of 10 October, the application dates will be used to determine who can and who can not exhibit at FanWelt !! Hope to see you guys there, I know I'm going
  7. A small question before it's too late to change it: When reproducing official models, I normally follow the steps from the booklets and put substeps that are part of a step in MLCAD submodels; is this OK for you Blackbird or do you prefer to have all the parts in the main model without any submodels ? I'm asking because I know you like to make transparant renders of the main model to show geartrains and electrical circuits and stuff, and that's much more work-intensive for you if I'm using submodels for everything as you'll have to go through all the submodels when you want to make such renders . It's the same for me by the way
  8. I'll do 9397 if that's ok ? I did 8043 in the official LDraw thread; it has some minor beauty faults but I think I can do this Is it allowed to use unofficial parts ? I usually do my LDraw work with the latest unoffical parts included.
  9. 1000$ ? Ouch, but seeing as I only need to spend ~100€ to buy the remaining parts (according to that Brickstore file you posted) I need for this MOC, I might actually have a bit too much LEGO ... This multi-day-stretched review is awesome by the way Blakbird; your renders and explanations are superb!
  10. If you buy the rechargeable battery box (costly, mind you), you can set the speed in 7 steps directly on that battery box instead of having to use a train remote. There are advantages and disadvantages though: using this battery box, you don't need a PF receiver, saving space. Also, your train will not suddenly stop when the guy next to you uses his PF remote on the same channel as your train is set, but that's also its biggest disadvantage: if you want it to go slower or backwards, you'll have to manually do that and of course if it auto switches off after 2 hours you'll have to manually start it up again of course.
  11. Since nobody had any more information, I have contacted the people that organise the event myself. It has taken some time to get an anwser, but last night I finally received one. So, for any English speaking person waiting for more information, here is the reply I got: On their homepage there is indeed some more information in German, translated here in English (part Google part me):
  12. Been on the fence since I saw this and sariel his video pushed me to back the project, popping my kickstarter cherry. 2 sbricks for me please!
  13. So ... It has been awfully quiet around FanWelt 2014. The only information I can find so far is at the official page for the Model Train Fair (IMA), which has some up to date information and a countdown counter. The Model Train Fair is 20th - 23rd November 2014, and Lego FanWelt should be 21st - 23rd November, along with Lego KidsFest. However, when you click through to the FanWelt page, you arrive here and as you might already know, this page still has all the information concerning FanWelt 2012. So, my question is simple: how can we subscribe to this event to participate ? I've been to FanWelt 2 years ago and it is a really wonderful place; I'd like to go again, and maybe even exhibit something, but there is no information to be found anywhere. If there's nobody from the German LEGO AFOL community here who knows something, I'm inclined to contact the IMA people directly and see if they can shine a light on this for me ?
  14. Strikeman

    WIP-MOC: My apartment

    Very nice, especially the details of the furniture ! I like it a lot ! When I was a child I also did this once; I recreated the home of my parents but my furniture was totally not as intricate as yours ... You're giving me an idea to start building my own house now :)