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  1. billybob

    Latest News Re. R/C Trains

    whats an ir senser
  2. billybob

    Latest News Re. R/C Trains

    cant wait ganna cry :'( :')
  3. billybob

    End of 9-Volt Train System?

    this would make easy switching for local train on my layout! :-D
  4. :oD its 15 bucks on lego sales and deals!i want to convert to a tug boat.
  5. billybob

    If you could make a Lego line...

    ace combat with f22s f 23s and f15s!
  6. billybob

    1 august

    why isnt it online today? :/ >:(
  7. billybob

    any new trains?

    i hope train because i dont wanna buy new track! ;)
  8. billybob

    any suggestions on a layout?

    yah i forgot the password though :-D
  9. billybob

    any suggestions on a layout?

    im going to try ps im useing to computers this is my family main computer the brenden perkins is my lap top |-D
  10. billybob

    1 august

    i hope its true i need pieces |-/
  11. billybob

    i need a container grabber

    yes thanks any body have one! :$
  12. can someone sell a container grabber please! :')
  13. billybob


    haveta agree sounds cool! :-D
  14. billybob


    hallucination as far as i know! *wacko* :/ :P >:( |-/ :() |-D
  15. billybob

    1 august

    thanks for the news i can build a crossing with out buying the expensive level crossing!and box cars ,shops, airport ,ships,bridges,man it goes on and on! :oo :oo :oo :oo :oo :oo :oo :oo :oo :oo :oo :o