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  1. Khaine

    Game Rules to use with your collection

    Hi Cherno! It does seem a little complicated, and certainly it does occur often and a lot of the time people take the chance of missing in order to hit the rigging. (To slow them down). In reality though, once people know their ships its not to bad. Lose 1 inch per rigging hit. When you are at 50% of your rigging your speed is halved, each extra point then continues on taking off and other inch. I have changed the summary cards slightly since that also shows your best under each hit to help in this regard. I I could think of a simplified system than this, I would probably change it. Yes, outside of combat unless a ship has a major crewing shortage its ok to take these things as granted. I'll have to check how I wrote that, but the intent is that wounded minifigs can heal themselves AFTER combat not during. So fellow sailors have a go during combat may get you that figure back before the end of the combat. Thanks for having a read and the feedback! Khaine
  2. Khaine

    Game Rules to use with your collection

    I have updated the rules with some minor changes: * Ships can now carry twice the cargo, at half the value. (Just to make the decks look fuller) * Each deserting crewman now causes you to lose 1 reputation. (To avoid high rep pirates from never splitting the booty and relying on their high rep to recruit more) * Bluecoats and Redcoats now have a higher chance of recruiting marines. (1 in 3 should now be marines) * Added new Trait "Loyal" An officer less likely to desert or steal a prize ship. * Added the ability to purchase cannon from ports for 250gold each. (Not cheap, you are better of stealing them!) * Ships now surrender during a boarding action if outnumbered 5 to 1 or last crewman alive. * Now have a chance to recruit survivors after a boarding action. Next changes: Campaign turns and management. Starting a new pirate and crew. Changes to desertion / splitting the booty if playing as Redcoats or Bluecoats. Scrolling playfield. (Something I used last night that reduces the space needed, at least during one on one battles)
  3. Khaine

    MOC Crimson Permanent Assurance

    I love it! So, um, Can we have your liver then? Khaine
  4. Khaine

    Favorite Pirate LEGO set?

    You know, I'd have to say, Sabre island. Also my first pirate set. I remember building it, them immediately building my own ship out of white blocks (All i had back then). Khaine
  5. Khaine

    Game Rules to use with your collection

    Also, if you have MoC ships you'd like stats for this rule set, post a picture and I'll put its stats into my spreadsheet and give you back its ships summary card. Regards, Khaine
  6. Khaine

    Game Rules to use with your collection

    I've resized the pictures. Sorry about that. :) Refresh should make it all fit now. I'm still working on a set of tables that you can roll on after every battle, that determines things like, who is now at war, peace, offering amnesty etc. It will also work out what NPC ships are moving and where they are moving it to. But currently the Game Master makes those decisions. The tables will be for groups that don't have enough people to dedicate someone to just running the game. IE a random table GM. Nothing yet on for combat set in stone. Currently we just assign around 50 Hull points to a fort, it can't move has no rigging so ignores rigging hits, (But not crew hits). Keep in mind that fort cannon on turntables are considered fixed so get a +1 to hit. Also, the -3 penalty for being stationary applies to hitting a fort. Any cannon on a ships broadside may switch to the other side for free. So in essence ships like the CC have 4 guns, but can only shoot 2 at a time. Ideally I would change this if I had enough cannon to fully equip ships with cannons on both sides, but I don't. :( If you do however, I would probably make it an action to move the cannon. Regards, Khaine
  7. Khaine

    Game Rules to use with your collection

    Here are some rather bad pictures (Phone camera) but gives you an idea of my fleet. The new Flagship and a custom built Brig of War. The brig is actually made form a knock off of the BSB that my sister bought me. This was my first custom ship, as I could not bring myself to use it to make such a grand ship as the BSB. Overall it came out ok, but the yellow is awful, and I would not recommend the knock of stuff to anyone. A lot of the peices went straight into the bin. This is my custom built Snow and second BSB, I've changed the figure head at the front, and added some shields near the rear to distinguish it from my other one. Both this BSB and the other in my game as are called East Indiaman. (I know, they look like Galleons, but hey) Caribbean clipper and old flagship. The CC is a Carrack in my ruleset, and the Flagship is a Sloop of War. the sails on both these ships have been replaced with Calico, then iron on transfers to apply the strips and pictures. Skulls Eye Schooner and my first BSB. This BSB has been re-sailed to look more like a peaceful merchant. The SES is listed as a Galleon in my rules. I need to apply the black strips to the SES sails still. A custom built pinnace using the curvered reverse sloops to make the hull. The original cutter from the trading post. (Re-Sailed) Two Larger/Small ships that will be "brigs" in my rule set. I'd love to have a read and try them out when you have them ready! A couple of small ships in a battle should be pretty quick, once you get the hang of the rules you'll rarely need to refer to them. Hope you have fun! Regards, Khaine
  8. Khaine

    Game Rules to use with your collection

    Hey, thanks for having a read! Famous/Infamous is just a name for a trait to show that a player inspires others to flock to his flag more than his/her reputation would suggest. IE The son of Blackbeard (Not sure if said person exists) would be a good example. He might not have a reputation himself per se' but certainly his name would attract a few sailors because of his name alone. Some MOC ships are easier to classify than official set ones. EG Trade Galleon and Brig of War were both custom built to be those ships. Other MOC ships like the copied larger ship from the trading post just got called "brig". I also have a Pinnace which is custom built to be a Pinnace. It got harder trying to classify the offical sets, and really in the end names just got chosen based roughly on what they "might" be. IE: SES is a Galleon, BSS got labeled a East Indiaman (Mainly as I have two, and one has been customized to be a "cargo" ship), The Imperial Flagship got labeled Royal Sloop, the new Flagship is of course a Ship of the line. The hard one... The Caribbean clipper... It doesn't really match anything other than a cog, so I added another fore/aft sail on the mizzen mast and slotted it in as an older Carrack. Ship classification also depends on location to, as they all had different rules and names. The way the stats are worked out is via a spreadsheet I have written, where I actually input the Length, Width, Height, Number and type of sails. So even if the names are wrong the stats should be at least in balance with each other based on merits of each ships design. The primary rule that longer is faster (for same ratio of canvas), narrower is more maneuverer, Fore/Aft sails provide better close hauled handling, Square sails provide more speed with the wind and stand up to combat better. This also provides a good between game activity, as building a ship we consider the basic "rules" to design a ship to work how we want, and then build it that way. That is also why there are weird stats like the odd value figures, as this is also worked out via the spreadsheet. The hope is with play testing that tweaking the formula used to create the ships stats will allow a balance game of equal value ships. Regards, Khaine
  9. Khaine

    Game Rules to use with your collection

    Yeah, it does take quite some space. I'm blessed with a 5 bedroom house for myself and my son, so the whole house becomes the housibbean. I have done smaller games using CM instead of inches, and besides ships appearing to turn to quickly works well. To achieve the role play aspect and climbing the ladder, you do need a range of different ships. You can also play once off battles, or linked battles rather than a "grand campaign" if that makes sense. My collection includes 2 Cutters (From the Trading post, Copied it for a second), 1 large cutter using the same basic design but 3 angled prow's rather than 2, and 1 stud wider, about 6 studs longer. 1 x Caribbean Clipper, 2 x Admiral Flag ship (the small sloopish design), 2 x Black Seas, 1 x skull's eye, 1 x Imperial Flagship (the new one), 1 custom built brig (2 center sections) and 1 custom built Trade Galleon (also 2 center sections) My hope is, that even if you have 2 ships though, you can still enjoy a battle or 3. I'll take some pictures over the weekend for those like. Khaine
  10. Hey guys, I'm new here, recently got my lego collection back from 1989-2002 back from my parents and of course started with rebuilding all the good classic pirate stuff. I've since been obsessed and have added from ebay, built custom ships etc etc. Wanting something to do with them all, I came across Steve Jacksons Lego Pirate game and was very impressed. However for a small group we found the rules to comber-son. So like all good nerds, I immediately set pen to paper and came up with a simple game system so we can all push lego toys around the house. Inspired in equal parts by Steve Jacksons rule set, and the play style of Sid Meiers pirates the rules are simple but allow quite a lot of depth. For those of you that have time, i'd love you to have a read (Keep in mind it is a draft) and offer me some feedback. Also, if you are in the Sydney region and would like to help with Play testing drop me a line! Link to rule set Regards, Khaine (Swap the + for @)