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  1. Faster LEGO 42124 Off-Road Buggy. MOD: Get 47% more speed by changing gear ratio from 1,128 to 1,66. VIDEO LINK:
  2. Eureka :) Eureka :) Thanks for all the help. I found a very easy way to do it. Just have so set up "trigger cooldown" on Hub Editor, higher than the time that take to get na unwanted sensor event. Here is my code (trigger cooldown=20000): if(Hub[0].GetSpeed("A")>0) {Hub[0].Stop("A"); Wait(15000); Hub[0].SetMotorSpeed("A",-75);} else if(Hub[0].GetSpeed("A")<0) {Hub[0].Stop("A"); Wait(15000); Hub[0].SetMotorSpeed("A",75);}
  3. Hello Lok24. Thanks again for your patience :) I need to do this: stop (or wait) a train motor and reverse the motor. There is the "INVERT" option but does not stops before invert the motion (motor). It is a straight and single railroad so i need to go and go back but i want the train to stop at the trainstations on both ends. I have only one motor.
  4. Yes, i have been reading those topics but i can´t find an invert motor command :(
  5. Thank you so much. That is great. Is there any list of all the BAP commands. I call command to something like: "Hub[0].Stop("A);". I need to Invert motors using "Edit Code". Thanks once again.
  6. Soory, i dont know where to put that. I was looking for something like: Hub[0].setLED (2); but thanks anyway.
  7. Hello everyone. Does anyone knows a comand to change LED color in the HUB? Not "configure" but a comand. Thanks.
  8. nuno2500

    5V USB PF train

    A MOC powerer by an USB power bank (2200 mAh). Running at 5v it goes half speed with a DIY usb to PF adapter. Can be charged with a mobile phone charger. A good solution for events ;)
  9. nuno2500

    5V USB PF train

    Jim, i used the 8869 - Power Functions Control Switch only. I don´t know ir the IR works with only 5V. After almost 2 hours i turn the power off...i have been testing it for a week and without recharge. 6x AAA battery= 800 mAh. This powerbank= 2200 mAh. The design is not from a real train...just a bit of this and that from memory ;) I am working on an auto-stop mechanism placed on the track that counts laps and stops the train like in the 4,5V days. Best Regards, Nuno
  10. Proposal to motorize the 79111. The target was the minimum design change. The space is narrow but after the LDD, fits. Can't wait to take the test in real bricks. For pics and LDD file, please check my LUG: http://comunidade093...ic,12805.0.html
  11. nuno2500

    Motorized 79111 Constitution Train Chase

    Yes, it an idea. The door still goes out but not with the mechanism:
  12. Here is a test video for the inclination angle:
  13. Hello! I have made an update to my 8081 MOD. Now is so much stronger and gears can deal with XL motor power. You can see it here: CLICK
  14. nuno2500

    Standard of lighting for modular buildings

    Yes if you want but the true is that the brick modifid 1x1 with stud on one side was not available in the software. No, there is no problem, even with high bright leds (3 mm)
  15. The Lamp: How to: 1 - Material: stranded wire / led 3mm yellow / utility knife / Parts LEGO 2 - With a utility knife, a sharp one, stick the wire in half as possible leaving a space between the hole and the tip of the wire. 3 - Insert a terminal of the LED into the hole so it does not come off lose. 4 - Insert the other end the same way. Check polarity. 5 - Pass the other ends of the wires up through the pieces of the lamp. 6 - Carefully put the LED inside the PIN TECHNIC. 7 - Assemble all of the candle. 8 - Use a holder for two AA 1.5 V and connect the wires to the led to the polarity. With this supply voltage (3V) you can check polarity by trial and error. Connecting the two wires, if it fails is because the polarity is reversed and just switch one wire to each other. My street: The power flows in parallel from building to building.
  16. Here i share my mod of 8081. It is very easy to do and change almost nothing in the original model: More details on my LUG here: CLICK
  17. nuno2500

    TLG needs our help

    Here is my humble contribution: a field of poppies: LDD file:
  18. Here is my tutorial to repair a PF M motor that no loger works. Check it here, on my lug forum:,10389.0.html I think you have to copy/paste the link I cant make it work ---------------------------------------- Here is the link, now it works: CLICK
  19. Hi! You can make this mod with the 9V motor inside too. A power pick up boogie it´s "easy" to do. Maybe ME is listening
  20. nuno2500

    Standard of lighting for modular buildings

    It depends on the LED. Those work near 3 v (2.8). Sometimes i used 2 AA rechargeable batteries supplying 2.8 v. Any way, my leds have been working 10-12 hours under 3V with no problems.
  21. nuno2500

    Standard of lighting for modular buildings

    Thanks. I´m here to share ;) Thanks to everyone. I´m here to share ;) Hi. 0.8 € each. Brighter leds are more expensive and last less time. Hi. There are some small switches on electronics stores that fit right into the 2x1 Technic brick hole or into a 1x1 headlight brick. In my photo, all light are conected to only one power supply on corner building, like this: In each modular thera are 2 wires that receive power and 2 wires that send power to the next modular. They are not welded too. Conected by hand only. Sorry for my poor english :( Thanks for your tips. Thanks. Yes, they are very easy to find at an electronics store.
  22. I was there 2 as a member of 0937 LUG. It was a great weekend with lots of positive feedback from audience and our partner.
  23. A made a small video: