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  1. mojaramask

    Purist Superhero Figures

    What hair would be good for New 52 Lobo? I see regular Lobo has already been made, so I want to do something different.
  2. mojaramask

    Al Amarj Island

    This is just fantastic! Great job, especially love the mummies sneaking in!
  3. mojaramask

    [MOC] Santa Catalina's Fortress

    Wow! I love the waterfall, especially, but it's all great.
  4. Lobo I just hope I'm wrong...
  5. mojaramask

    The Mermaids Of Whitecap Bay

    Wow, this is very nice! Especially love Jack running down the steps, that made me chuckle
  6. mojaramask

    Disney Princess 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    Saw the Elsa set at Toys R Us two days back, but picked up a creator set instead of it. Starting to regret that... All those great pieces!
  7. Hmm, I think I like the plant monster the most. I just want to replace the head with a red minifigure head to get a proper walking venus flytrap!
  8. mojaramask

    [MOC] Entrance to Adventure

    7410-1 Jungle River
  9. mojaramask

    Pirates Moc "Crocodile Pit"

    A nice bloody spectacle you got there! I would not want to step foot near that pit!
  10. Wow! That is just fantastic!
  11. mojaramask

    [MOC] Entrance to Adventure

    Hmmm, the adding tiles is actually a real good idea. I'll see what I can do to spiff it up!
  12. This one was a relatively quick and small build, but I'm still very proud of it. Soon enough, I'll graduate to bigger MOCs, but for now I've got this! EDIT: General updates, + textured roof + proper placing of pieces
  13. mojaramask

    MOC: The Blacksmith

    Love the little details with the chickens and mushroom! Also, as others have said, the build has a very nice roof.
  14. mojaramask

    The End of a Dark Age...

    Gone without Lego for about seven years now, until four days ago. Man, it feels good to be back into the swing of things. Except some (honestly relatively low-quality) MOCs from me soon, but for now, it's just nice to meet ya!
  15. mojaramask

    [MOC] Skull Underpass

    Believe it or not, this is my first time making something besides a car without instruction, and I'm pretty proud of how I used the pieces. This originally started out as just the skull piece with the lower jaw, and I soon put on the ears and crown. What followed was a lot of blocking out the back, until eventually I decided to make it elevated. This is the final result!