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  1. The machine I use loads from the front. Yes, the pieces do tumble around, however provided you pick a cycle designed for delicate or woolen items, you should be fine. These cycles agitate the contents much less (fewer rotations, and longer gaps between them, plus lower spin speeds). I always go for the 'quick wash' option as well. I have only washed used parts so far, which typically have a degree of surface scratching anyway, but I haven't noticed it getting and worse. I suppose the test would be to wash some new parts, and then see how they look afterwards. I would recommend running a test on some parts you're not too worried about, and seeing if you're happy with the results. The alternative is washing each one by hand, which I found gets tedious very quickly. In fact I noticed even a quick scrub with a toothbrush produced very fine scratches on the parts - most noticeable on black plates on the top surface, between the studs.
  2. I cautioned against too high a spin speed, not necessarily to reduce scratching, but to reduce the risk of broken parts. I have had a couple of instances of 1x16 technic bricks damaged when I chose the wrong cycle. The forces involved go up as a factor of speed squared, so it does make quite a difference. I think what happened is the 1x16 bricks ended up against the side of the drum (supported only at their ends due to the curve of the drum) and the centrifugal force of other parts bearing against them basically caused them to break in the middle. Dropping the spin speed solved the problem - as did not putting too many parts in the machine at the same time. I didn't notice any particular difference in drying time due to the reduced spin speed.
  3. Another vote for the washing machine! You can get mesh bags for trainers or underwear, I use a variety of these in different sizes. Just make sure the zip is robust and will stay closed! You can always double-bag for extra security. Just pick a cycle that's cool and for 'delicate's' or something similar - you don't want too high a spin speed, and you don't want too long a cycle. As has been mentioned, take out anything electronic or with metal bits, and put a mixture of parts in together. I also remove anything that's long and thin (i.e. fragile). I just use my normal laundry pods and haven't had a problem. Anything that doesn't pass inspection after washing gets put in the sink and scrubbed with washing-up liquid and a toothbrush. I spread out the parts on a towel to finish drying, and move them around regularly. But to answer the original question: shock absorbers I would wash in the sink - the metal is plated so provided you dry it reasonably quickly, it won't come to any harm. The actuators I would wipe with a damp cloth. As was mentioned above, a compressor with a blow-gun is great for dusting (being non-contact, there's no possibility of damage), but isn't necessarily something everyone will have access to.
  4. I've had the parts for the Actros for a while, but only just got around to finishing it off - great build, although as you note the stiffness of the chassis could be improved. I'll be re-building it when the new instructions are released! There's a picture here, but for some reason the forum software doesn't seem to like Windows and I can't embed an image: http://www.brickshel...tros/actros.jpg Please excuse the terrible phone picture (I really must get a better camera at some point)! Just starting to collect parts for the trailer, so that's a little way off yet! I look forward to seeing what other improvements you're going to make to the Actros. OK, that helps knowing it's a 100% Lego solution - I was starting to wonder. I can get the plate mounted, and I can get the boat stud mounted, just not both together...either it's very ingenious, or it's very simple and I'm missing something! Certainly got me puzzled so far!
  5. Just finished building the Actros, and pending the release of the updated instructions, decided to (attempt to) modify the hubs on the steered axles to the latest revision! However, I don't think it is as simple as it looks, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how the 'Plate, Round 4 x 4 with 2 x 2 Hole' is held in place. Can anyone enlighten me? The trailer is next on the build list!
  6. I keep telling myself to avoid this thread; it’ll only end in tears! But I keep coming back, and I know what’s going to happen in the end!
  7. me00rjb

    Manias in building?

    I’ve just realised I have another one – I have issues with taking anything apart! Once I’ve built it, that’s it, it stays together! If I want to build something else, I buy more parts. The only exceptions are either things that haven’t worked, things I decide I don’t like, or official sets for space purposes. But generally, I like to keep things built. It causes significant cost and space problems! I guess in some ways this defeats the purpose of a re-useable product, but who said logic came into this!
  8. me00rjb

    Manias in building?

    Pins, bushes and connectors all have to be aligned of course! Also where injection points are visible on liftarms or connectors, these must go underneath / inside, or where they won't be visible if possible. Glad I'm not the only crazy person!
  9. The majority of a Technic set consists of axles, bushes, pins and common connectors that are low priced and don't sell well. There are far fewer of the more specialised or rare pieces, so to make money selling Technic, the desirable parts that will sell have to be priced accordingly. There are some Technic sets where the part-out value is actually lower than the retail price (even with up to 30% off) - so desirable or rare parts or not, not many people will be willing to buy those to part-out. So as others have already mentioned, it generally is just down to supply and demand. Richard.
  10. Is there a specific reason 8065 has been left out of the fun in the truck collection image? You've got 8071 which is also a small 4 wheel truck. Great to see the progress being made at the moment! Richard.
  11. Yep Well, maybe... hence the request for the picture!
  12. Great model and review, definitely one to add to the list of things to build! Any chance of a quick CAD picture to see how it would look with the orange parts changed to lime? The only part that doesn't seem to be available in lime is the 'Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Double Split', but I'm sure a work around could be found...
  13. me00rjb

    Liebherr L 580

    It looks like the instructions are now available. I wanted to build this as soon as I saw it all those years ago - a stunning model that perfectly combines the functionality of Technic with the Model Team look. I never got around to reverse engineering it, but you've made life easy now. Thanks to all for making this happen!
  14. me00rjb

    Bricklink questions

    On the second question, remember it's nearly Christmas. I've had stuff take 6 weeks or more to arrive at this time of year. I wouldn't be too worried yet. If it doesn't show up in a couple of weeks, contact the seller. They should may be willing to reach a solution with you. However, knowingly choosing not to take out insurance, and then filing a chargeback (when you state the seller has a good reputation) is basically theft in my book, and I would advise against doing this at all costs. You took the risk by not purchasing insurance. If all buyers took that approach, then every seller would be forced to require insurance on every order. That just makes things more expensive for everyone. Richard.
  15. It seems the Technic forum is getting busier and busier. Today's posts alone cover a page and a half. I don't get the time to check in as often as I would like, and the rate at which topics disappear off the 1st page means I often miss something of interest to me. Is it possible some sub-forums could be created? I'm thinking along the lines of 'MOCS', 'WIP', 'Instructions', 'Chat', 'Parts', 'Set Reviews', etc. etc. This would reduce the turn-over of posts per category, and also enable people to filter out posts that are of less interest to them. Not sure if this is the right place for this discussion, I'm sure someone will be able to move it to a more appropriate place if necessary. Richard.
  16. It seems I may have opened a can of worms! To reply to some of the points raised, in no particular order, and perhaps explain my thoughts a little bit more clearly... Is the consensus that having sub-forums would fragment the community? I hadn't considered that aspect. I thought about it more along the lines of one's Lego collection. Initialy, everything lives in one big box. As the collection grows, an attempt is made to sort out parts. Further growth yields further sorting - with the limit being a separate compartment for each piece and each colour. I guess this is fragmentation by definition, but there are benefits in being able to find exactly what you want quickly. Eurobricks itself is already split up into themes, so some fragmentation already exists. Is this a bad thing? I tend to frequent the Technic forum, and occasionally visit the Trains forum. Other than that, I don't think I've ever browsed any of the other themes, certainly not as a matter of course. As the volume of posts grow, is it not natural to 'sort' further? I have certainly noticed increased moderation lately, but I think it largely goes unnoticed. In my book this means it's being done well! How far moderation can ultimately go, I'm not sure (although I accept the point that creating sub-forums would require extra moderation). I hope no one took offence to my post, I was really only thinking out loud, and in my opinion having some dedicated sub-forums would be an improvement. I'm not criticising in any way. Of course a busy forum is a good thing, and I specifically stayed away from any comment on what particular posts interest me, as everyone will want different things from a forum, and have different interests. The impossible aim of course being to satisfy everyone at the same time! My reference to yesterday's posts expanding over a page and a half was not to suggest that this was a problem in itself. The problem is when visits are spaced a week or two apart - that becomes a much more onerous task to review and check there's nothing important I've missed! A selfish request perhaps. Regarding searching, I've often come across useful posts through google - it's more my desire to check I've not missed something of interest that makes me suggest a further degree of 'sorting' for the forum (i.e. when you can't search for it, because you don't yet know what you're looking for!). I like the Index idea, and the planned improvements sound great. Of course this could no doubt extend across sub-forums if necessary. I must confess today was the first time I had a look at it for some time - so if nothing else this has served as a reminder about what already exists. My main thoughts about the benefit of sub forums, is that it is potentially easier to avoid any subjects that might not interest you as much as others, thereby making the process of finding the good stuff that little bit more efficient. I like the idea of an area for more social type threads, and now I come to think of it, shorter, specific threads are a better idea than longer bloated ones; as has been noted, there is sometimes little incentive to browse these given their generic nature. Of course more threads means further organisation might be needed. A poll sounds like a good idea. I feel a little guilty creating extra work for people seeing as I probably take more from this forum than I contribute, however a lot of the time I read a thread and everything I would have said has already been said - so I guess a general thank you is required to those of you who take the time to post models, create instructions and share ideas, along with everything else that goes on - I guess there must be more people like myself that appreciate what goes on, but don't actively join in as much as we perhaps should. Richard
  17. The 20T bevel gear driving the 12T bevel gear is actually geared up, not down...
  18. Check today's date...
  19. I've sent over 50 orders from England to Scotland, and never had to charge a penny more than to anywhere else in the UK. Up to 750g is only £2.70 with Royal Mail.
  20. I too think something doesn't look quite right - the proportions seem off somehow. Perhaps the colours could be tweaked a little (too much DBG on the chassis?) - still, that's easily done! Looking at the side view, I think the pivot point of the boom is too far forward - compare to where the boom on 8421 is pivoted and you'll see what I mean. The rest of the rotating superstructure therefore looks like it's hanging off the back. I understand why it's been done, to get the required range of motion from an actuator that is in effect too short, however it doesn't look like the typical mobile crane image I have in my mind. I also can't help thinking the studless construction of the boom would look a lot more refined if a few studded technic bricks had been used instead! Still, I can't wait till I can get my hands on a copy or two! I think this compliments 8421 rather than replaces it, so prices will stay high I reckon!
  21. Using the replacement parts service. Which now has set inventories to browse to make life easier, rather than having to use the ID numbers from the instructions! Don't know if this link will work for everyone, but worth a try: Follow it through to 'Buy a Piece' and then 'Bricks and Pieces Selection'.
  22. Yeah, I've actually done that! Well, not pulling them out, but skipping a few steps and then building from the pictures. Especially where you have 3 steps for putting a few pins in a beam!
  23. It was a pleasure to meet you as well - most people put on a brave face when I try to bore them with talk about Lego, so it was nice to have a proper conversation about it for a change! Let us know when you're over here next time!
  24. I've already started using them in place of the old gears. The beauty of it is, you can buy them from Lego right now, at a reasonable price (I paid 11p each). At least I was able to get them here in the UK.
  25. The complexity of this model has to be seen (built) to be believed. I haven’t got all the parts yet, but couldn’t wait for the last couple of orders so made a start on building. The chassis was straight forward enough, and I'm now about half way through the superstructure. It's definitely keeping the brain ticking over, and I've already had two good long building sessions on this one. There's hardly one standard connection in the superstructure mechanism, and it's amazing how much Lego is packed into such a small space. It's a very challenging build, and a welcome step-up from standard Lego instructions. The number of pneumatic connections has already given me sore fingers, however I found a great tool for cutting small diameter tube (it works on the 7mm ribbed hose, 3mm rigid hose and 4mm pneumatic hose). It's definitely made building this much easier already so I’d recommend getting one. It gives a really nice clean square cut which is difficult to achieve with a knife or scissors.|alt Instructions so far are great. There are a few steps where it's not 100% clear where parts are meant to go, but I actually like having to have to think about what I'm doing from time to time! I'll hopefully make a bit more progress this week, and try and post some pictures of progress.