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    REVIEW: 21028 New York City

    Thanks for the efforts you've put in this review. I found it not only informative but very detailed. I have never been to the city yet, but I have fallen in love with it through the scenes and views of the city depicted in all the movies I've seen so far. I can only imagine that when I visit the city one day I will be so thrilled and stunned by its beauty. For me, this set of LEGO presents the most magnificent feature buildings of New York City, and I love the idea and absolutely the result.
  2. Love the huge landscape! You've done a great job! These pictures remind me of the Inkheart trilogy. :)
  3. As with all the replies above, I love the details, the hydraulic scissor lifts particularly. Great job! The blue lifts remind me of the bike shop I usually go to for the maintenance of my scooter these days, except the lifts there are red ones.