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  1. legobeard

    Crashed Ship MOC

    I undersand, but like I said, I'm not the best at MOCs
  2. legobeard

    Crashed Ship MOC

    Hello, today I will be showing you a MOC I have made. It is showing a ship that has crashed into a reef/some rocks and has started to sink. I'm not the best at MOC building, but I think this is some great work!
  3. legobeard

    SOS for FNG (My MOC needs your help!)

    I can see that you're doing really well so far, great job!
  4. legobeard

    Port Royal Vignette

    Looks great so far!
  5. legobeard

    Custom Bayonet and Treasure Chest

    Yes, I see what you all mean by the oversized bayonet, but I just couldn't find an easy way to attach a knife!!!
  6. legobeard

    Custom Bayonet and Treasure Chest

    Yes, I did, I wanted them to look more realistic!
  7. legobeard

    Custom Bayonet and Treasure Chest

    Hello, here are my two custom pirate accessories, a bayonet (which is very easy to build) and a treasure chest. Here are the pictures: I dont know why there are two of these....
  8. legobeard

    NEW! Who will come to the Event

    I would like to go as I live in the UK but I have a question: why do you need to know where we will be sleeping? Just curious Legobeard
  9. legobeard

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    This truly is an amazing ship, I like the little details that make it better like the bed in the captains quarters and the brick built anchor. The crew also look very cool. Very good job, I would never be able to build something like this.
  10. legobeard

    Redcoat Flagaship

    That is only because of the point of view; hidden from view is a big support but on the picture from the back you can see it.
  11. legobeard

    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    Thankyou for providing classic pirates with all the models over the years even though I had only joined in october. You may be moving on but we will always remember you as the admiral.
  12. legobeard

    Redcoat Flagaship

    Yes, about those plates the ship would have been a lot harder to put together without those but I see what you were talking about. What sort of improvements were you thinking of?
  13. legobeard

    Redcoat Flagaship

    It has been done.