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  1. Hello Eurobricks !

    Actually it's the Star-Lord torso from 76019 set, and thank you all for your answers
  2. [Review] Set 75916

    Yeah it really cost 46€, who make Lego sets prices?
  3. [Review] Set 75916

    Very good review but i don't think that this set is bad, for me it is the most "beautiful" set from this JW wave, the dino is very cool, the Jeep too and the gyrosphere is impressive, i really don't know how Lego can make this set better, or maybe just in adding one more dino but the only "bad" point of this set is his price, i agree with you that it is very too much expensive for what's really inside... Same thing for the T-Rex tracker or Raptor Rampage sets, everywhere in the world the price is too high, in Europe it is at 45,99€ ! Hopefully, the design is quite good and that's a point that we didn't have in all other sets. But very good review & photos, keep going on bro!
  4. Hello Eurobricks !

    Hi everyone, my name is Martin, i'm European and i really really (really?) love LEGO since my first brick. I usually buy Super Heroes Sets but i also like all kind of licensed themes, i just don't like LEGO ninjago and chima And i always remember these words : Everything Is AWESOME !!!
  5. Star Wars Custom - Kylo Ren

    wow awesome dude! but where's the lightsaber ?
  6. Super Hero Cafe... Because I'm Batman!

    Good idea, nice
  7. [MOC] Avengers: Age of Ultron

    ... i think you need to be a new LEGO designer, really insane, that's my new favourite MOC ! well done
  8. MOC: We Are Groot

    Really good work bro! loving it
  9. Review: 6866 Wolverine's Chopper Showdown

    Damn it, i missed this set, so bad
  10. [MOC]Bane's hideout

    One word : wow Just why TLC don't sell things like that ?? Oh yeah, too good...
  11. [ MOC ] Jurassic World Raptor Transport

    Awesome job! Just the better than some other official JW sets!
  12. THE BAT is here!

    This is just insane ! really good work and good luck! supported of course!
  13. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Yeah, Hulk_Smash, i think TLC could make a chase set between the Jokermobile and the Batmobile (yes, batman will be in Suicide Squad) like we've seen in the latest leaked videos but i don't think they will make any Suicide Squad set , too much violence or maybe too trash... Really bad but it's seems normal, and i think the same for the Deadpool movie in 2016. Just wait and see!
  14. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    I think TLC will make some Fantastic Four sets, i really did not like the new look of the F4 but why not? TLC always surprised me in every way imaginable...
  15. (MOC)(WIP) My SINESTRO Corps

    Nice, very good minifigs !