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  1. Silvio

    REVIEW: 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile

    I got this set three days ago and contrary to some reviews I find it not sturdy enough for relaxed play. People say it is a solid build, but I would say it breakes apart easily. Of course that is only when it hits something, but that naturally happens indoors. Chairs are a major enemy. :D Overall a nice set. Bad design, but I was looking forward to new electronic elements.
  2. I understand. I guess... By that system there would be a lot more halfpins in models. There is a lot of holes to wrongly fill. I suppose these are critical, but then again there are more critical connections than these... Still, I'll consider this explanation as the final one and go on building!
  3. I think I remember this from 9398 and 42030. This example is from 42069.
  4. Just for fun: some people talk about 3L pins. You do realize that they are irrelevant here? The build is still imposible to take apart "legaly" even without them. We have a legal build. This would be a strange case of a legal build but an illegal disassembly.
  5. This post is more of a gripe than problem solving. Ofcourse that the only solution is what mocbuild101 wrote (and I already did). 3L pins make no difference in this. Even without them bending is the only way. Bending parts does not break them, but it does break my hart.
  6. How does one take this apart?! Only by bending... Thanks Lego!
  7. Silvio

    [MOC] Funicular railway

  8. I totally agree! Outrage! Sure, there is a lot of PF elements, but the price is not proportional to previous PF heavy sets. By that logic how much would Volvo cost?!!
  9. Silvio

    [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    I really don't like Star wars, but this build transcendes personal taste! I don't understand a word you're saying, but it is beautiful to look at.
  10. Ah, so! I knew that was a possibility, but couldn't figure out what could it possibly do. Thanks!
  11. Hi! What does this part do? It moves, it rotates and does...?
  12. I can't figure out what this part is for. Anyone has the answer?
  13. Silvio

    LEGO Laser Harp

    Great! Mindstorms projects are allways fun. And rare...
  14. Silvio

    [MOC] Mecalac MTX

    You sir, are a genius and a funny one too! It amazes me how people have no contact with online Lego community and than just post an absolutely amazing project. Like, in their third post... ;)