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  1. Polybag figures and an actual Lego dimensions figure with base, thank you!
  2. Tack! Pirates of the Caribbean figures arrived, just a week after we saw the movie :)
  3. My ideal christmas three is all lego (though I hope santa slips in some boxes below)
  4. Nice, with acetone I would cut wide by very little and let the parts melt together. But I have yet to dovthe switch mod (but by now I can't rememer what they cost me..)
  5. pacc

    SBrick General Discussion

    Just an improvement idea: Adding i/o on the pcb for an IR-out which could be placed in an hole drilled in the case or via a cable near an lego IR receiver would add possibilities (given that you have an i/o to spare) Motivation: 100% of your customers will have a spare IR receiver after buying this product, they might like to use it. Usage: adding an extra ir control channel to each BT brick keeps all controls inside the app. Pro tip: bt control the train, then make it control the lift at the cargo station while stationary. Useful or useless?
  6. pacc

    lego train 4 switches puzzle

    Hi, I did this last winter which ran two trains at once: with lego switches it is is possible to have trains come backwards the wrong way through switches, so a special arrangement will lead the train train through all sections. It is essentially two connected loopbacks, but then using Two extra switches to connect the loops... With a crossing a simpler arrangement can be made made, if you can construct crossing that is..
  7. pacc

    Tivoli in Copenhagen

    1843? No wonder they used monorails!
  8. pacc

    Clone Brands Train discussions

    Ok ok, 'ausini train' on aliexpress gives this: All other sets seems to use rendered images and the prices need to be cut to les than half... Funny that even that page is copied from someone else and badly photoshopped..
  9. pacc

    Clone Brands Train discussions

    Please add some photos, closeups and a review of your impressions to this thread. :)
  10. pacc

    Clone Brands Train discussions

    Computer renderings, but if you order 100000 pieces they will probably produce them. Theres a polish brand called dromader they produce for, some nice creator ripoffs, but no trains.
  11. pacc

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    Perhaps the USD is not as healthy as back in the days.
  12. Wish TLG would see a potential for this as a Creator model, perhaps with large wheels. Two of those would probably build a bigger engine...
  13. pacc

    Need some help on a new Layout

    Since this thread contains some information on modded switches I just wanted to add a link to the (deleted) cuusoo project, before tlg changed the rules...
  14. pacc

    hotrod and oldtimer MOC's

    You did it without the big carseat piece though.