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  1. basbase

    Trophy Truck - MOC

    I love it! Trophy trucks are the coolest vehicles out there and you did a great job in creating a lego version of it. Some questions: Does it drive well? Have you considered using PF lights? Will there be a video?
  2. basbase

    A Mobile Version of the Site

    I have had my first smartphone for just a few weeks now. One thing that really annoys me is having to scroll horizontally to read text. I've made a quick test page to ease following my favorite forum (Technic). It shows just what I need: a list of topics and in a topic it shows just the posts and the user that posted. Images are set to fit the screen. It can be found here: (Siegfried, I you don't approve of this I'll take it down ofcourse)
  3. basbase

    ETF Truck steering

    Thanks for the compliments. The twisting of the axles with stop is less then 1/2L so I think driving multiple wheel-sets in parallel will not be a problem. It looks like 4 pneumatic cylinders will fit. I'll start working on a design for it in a few days. Mixing the cylinders with suspension springs may cause the construction to be less stable, because of the different resistances that both offer, but I'll see what I can do. Also the pneumatic hoses will limit the setup from infinite turning. One solution for this might be to have the cylinders for each wheel set have it's own circuit. The hoses will need to be as short as possible, so pressure will build up quickly when the cylinders are compressed. This has some downsides: firstly the suspension height can not be controlled. Secondly, the cylinders won't extend further than half their length, due to low initial pressure. Thirdly, if the cylinders leak air due to too much pressure, that air can't be put back in and the cylinders will stay retracted. Maybe adding a small pump and driving it through the turntable will work... Enough food for thought
  4. basbase

    ETF Truck steering

    Here is an idea that might benefit you: an extendible axle using wedge belt wheels and axles with stop. I've used 4 large shocks to add some rigidness (soft springs will work better then the hard ones that I used). This design also fits a differential and a 3:1 gear reduction after that. I'm half way with cad instructions for it.
  5. basbase

    ETF Truck steering

    Alasdair and I are building dollies right now. Watch it live on:
  6. basbase

    Finally Wheeler is moving!

    Maybe you can add some more beams/bricks to make it look a bit more covered and strengthen it, but keep de frame visible. Or make it wear a t-shirt . Also, could you make some closeups of the turntable connections? I've become a bit curious about how you implemented them.
  7. basbase

    Let's Build Together!

    14:30 I guess, it's one hour from now.
  8. basbase

    Let's Build Together!

    Tonight another broadcast starting around 20:30 (UTC+1). Warning: may contain shocking images for lego purists .
  9. basbase

    Member's Websites

    Let me join the spamming: My projects: My youtube: Let's build together:
  10. basbase

    Forum Idea

    This has bothered me as well. Especially topics about which set is better can be become quite a pain to keep looking up the set numbers. A couple of months ago I created a tool to address this annoyance. It grabs the image from Bricklink and displays it at the mouse position when you hover over a 4 digit number. It uses Greasemonkey which is an extension for Firefox. With some modifications it should also work in Chrome. The trouble with a board plugin might be that Bricklink does not want to host images used on Eurobricks.
  11. basbase

    ETF Truck steering

    That mining truck and possible solutions for a lego version of it have been mentioned earlier in this topic:
  12. basbase

    Lego Technic 8048 Nitro Buggy

    Welcome to EB. I like the video . How long did it take you to make the 1500 photos and do the editing?
  13. This is a very nice acknowledgement of Blakbird's extensive work . Maybe this will prompt him to add 1996 .
  14. basbase

    Let's Build Together!

    Tonight there will be another broadcasting session. I plan to start at 19:30 (UTC+1). The topic will be further construction of the car frame, or anything else that comes up in the chat. I have figured out how to add the teamspeak conversation to the stream, so everyone can follow the conversation. Again, if you want to join the chat, I will be happy to provide you the details for the teamspeak server.
  15. basbase

    Let's Build Together!

    I have rented a teamspeak server . Basically it's a voice (and text) chatroom that you can join with a free client. You can download the teamspeak 3 client from here: Then send me a pm (or ask in this topic) and i'll supply you with the login details. This will make it easier to talk with eachother because you don't have to add people to your skype. Right now up to 10 people can join at the same time, so come by and say hello . I will also try to make some progress with my frame on