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  1. Hello all, I would like to share my Nashville themed MOC and custom minifigs. Nashville Rebricked, is a fan art and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fundraiser project that utilizes LEGO® bricks to recreate fan favorite scenes from ABC’s popular prime-time drama series Nashville. The response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. The cast and crew of Nashville, the shows' fans, and supporters of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society have been wonderful. After the completion of the project in early October, I'm going to auction off the LEGO Nashville minifig characters and the Bluebird Cafe build, and all proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
  2. djtinylove

    Decal Wish List

    Looking to contract a minifig customizer to make some modified custom head decals from original lego head designs. Basically need two heads that combine these eyes:$T2eC16VHJIIFHIuqcGR+BR3BfmCTSw~~60_35.JPG$%28KGrHqUOKpYFHln5qCiLBR8%292I8CKw~~60_12.JPG With this beard and mouth$%28KGrHqV,!jUE8ENc89JHBPO-F!hIlQ~~60_12.JPG Please PM me if you take commissoned work :) Thank you!
  3. Hello all. Working on a project that requires some stubble on yellow minifigs faces that I want to add to original Lego heads. Can anyone recommend any links to custom head decals that can be used for waterslide decals? Or even some general idea on the size of standard Lego stubble dots to be created in Photoshop? Thanks so much for your advice!
  4. Does anyone know this will work on BrickForge custom pieces as well?
  5. djtinylove

    What is Lego Worlds?

    Not sure how this will really compete with Minecraft. Minecraft's popularity exploded because it allowed custom content, with this it seems you will have to earn the right to customize your characters :/
  6. Would like to take some macro shots of my minifigs vignettes, and have seen some pretty affordable slip on macro lenses on eBay for iPhones for about 10 USD. Too good to be true? Can anyone recommend anything?
  7. djtinylove

    MOC - Kid's room

    Really love this MOC. They details are fantastic! Love how you incorporated the minifig items with the micro builds.
  8. djtinylove

    Fabuland Builders Guild - Discussion Thread

    It's been a while since anyone has posted here. Would like to get the Fabuland discussion revived again. What's everyone been up to? I gave my niece and nephew some of my old Fabuland to play with and they love it. Happy to pass on the Fabuland love.
  9. I don't know, Japan always seems to get some really cool exclusive stuff. I love their LEGO lifestyle magazine and catalog ClickBrick.
  10. This is certainly sad news. Loved going here as a kid, their selection was second to none. Glad I was able to get back there last year.
  11. Different heights of legs would be great as well. I get around the articulation by taking a arm from another minifig and adding to the opposite arm, so you get that reaching over look. Helps a lot for my minifigs that posed with a guitar.
  12. This is great. Love this style remix. I'm also a big Fabuland fan, as it was the fist LEGO I had as a child. I wish they tried an updated Fabuland angle to bring more girls into LEGO than the Friends concept. Also I love playing Animal Crossing for that same reason, it evokes that bucolic little animal village essence that I love about Fabuland.
  13. Hello everyone, I know that LEGO Friends hair pieces are compatible with lego minifigs, but do they fit well? Trying to avoid that exposed head ridge look. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone! Searched the forum for an answer about this, but could not find an answer. So before I read up on the Brasso/ toothpaste/ eraser technique, I made a mistake by trying to remove paint from a torso with a Swiss Army blade (I know, I know bad move) and it left behind some scratches and is no longer glossy. Is this part ruined? Can I use some kind of polish compound to bring back its shine or maybe use a spray clear coat? Thanks so much for the help, truly appreciated :)