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  1. Hey I saw your thread from the gold coast, I'm so flattered you got to see my LEGO NASA #2 in person, that's awesome!

  2. MaxSupercars


    Lovely train. I like details and color matching. Good work... ;) Max
  3. It looks really good. I like specially the front windscreen which is narrow like the real one. Cute color combination. The sand blue would fit better IMHO. Great work so far... Max
  4. MaxSupercars


    Really lovely train and great work from both Helos and LT12V. Lovely shapes. Max
  5. MaxSupercars

    MOC: 1/33 two-axle open freight wagon

    Lovely piece as always. Beautiful. :) Max
  6. I love it. I'm looking forward for finished model :) Max
  7. MaxSupercars

    Controlling 9V trains with Arduino

    Another great tutorial. Good work! Keep on! Max
  8. MaxSupercars

    Video: 15 Lego train crash

    The author did probably a lot of work by creating of this video but I don't see any fun by crashing of trains. Max
  9. MaxSupercars

    Train windows 4033 vs. 6556

    I realized that they have changed it by tiles. For Ex. the new 1x4 and 1x6 tiles do not have injection points on visible sides. Max
  10. MaxSupercars

    Train windows 4033 vs. 6556

    Yes definitely they did. It's really shame from TLG that they made such a thing... :/ Max
  11. MaxSupercars

    Train windows 4033 vs. 6556

    OK, thank you very much for information... :) Max
  12. MaxSupercars

    Train windows 4033 vs. 6556

    Hello, I ordered the purple 6556 windows via Bricklink. When they came I realised that they got ugly circles/points on the right side (molding connection points?) Do the older 4033 look the same? Do they got also this ugly relicts? Max
  13. I'm nominating Tiller Fire Truck from Paliason for HoF. Topic: Max
  14. Great realistic model! Really great work! Nominating for HoF! Max
  15. MaxSupercars

    [MOC] Virgin Pendolino

    OK, so you can make a quick video with your smartphone... :) Max